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    So today I am starting my second semester of an MBA program. It never fails that there is always one professor who has to be a total a-hole for no reason. I'm not new to school and hold a few degrees already, including a Master's degree, but I have never understood this behavior, especially towards working adults in graduate school. Why is this?

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    Did he say Boo? Did he tell you that he was a Republican? What could scare you so much? As in...we need a little more information that just scare tactics. What was said? I had a few teachers who went the scary route. They never took my money or beat me up, nor did they harm my family. Just a little (expected?) stress while earning a degree.
  3. jhp

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    Maybe inferiority complex?
  4. Tedium42

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    He might have had an awful group the class before yours. And from personal experience it doesn't matter if your dealing with working adults, adults with degrees, business people with years of experience, there will always be people who think they are above the rules, shouldn't have to follow directions, etc.

    It's just one of those things that shouldn't be that way, but unfortunately it is.
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    I can't speak to your individual experience given the lack of information, but I had one prior instructor who comes to mind. During macro economics, I had an instructor go around the entire class and ask us how important our grade point averages where, warning us that his class was not for the faint of heart, and he hasn't handed out a grade higher than a 'B in 14 years. Moral of his story was if there was someone in the class with a 4.0 GPA, and maintaining that GPA was important to them, they might want to look at dropping his course.

    The instructor was pretty full of himself, had arguments with 3 different students who stormed out of the class all pissed off. Being ex-military I was accustom to being yell at for stupid stuff, so his behavior (while annoying) didn't phase me much. Some of the younger students however seemed to have a real difficult time with it. But these are also the same kids who probably grew up getting participation ribbons during sporting events, so adversity isn't something they're accustom too.
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    I'm sure we've all had teachers we didn't mesh with in one way or the other. Sometimes things improve. It can be our acceptance of the situation, the teacher's approach, or something else.

    I recall being the teacher in this scenario. My scary act was to not give perfect grades for merely showing up; I required students to learn the material. One student actually came to my office with some questions and just beore she left said something to the effect that she didn't like me. I told her that she wasn't going to like everyone she met in life and if the worst thing to happen to her is sitting through my class, she's having a pretty good life.
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    Heh, well said.
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    My daughter took a class as a senior from a professor who was rumored never to have given an A. She did her usual brilliant work, and got a B+++ and a statement that if he ever did give an A, she surely would have gotten it. And so she graduated with a 3.98 GPA and a strong wish to punch someone in the snoot.

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