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    Saylor Academy seeks experienced subject-matter experts to review its online, OER-based courseware. Peer reviewers are responsible for reading and evaluating courseware and providing feedback on courses’ overall rigor, quality, and cohesiveness through a provided comprehensive questionnaire. Because this feedback is essential to Saylor Academy’s success, an honorarium of $250 is awarded for each review.

    Reviewer Requirements
    In order to be eligible for this position reviewers must hold or be actively pursuing an advanced degree in the discipline of the course they wish to review. Reviewers must have experience teaching the particular course(s) they wish to review.

    Peer Reviewers Needed for the Following Courses
    CS201: Elementary Data Structures
    CS202: Discrete Structures
    CS304: Compilers
    CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems
    CS405: Artificial Intelligence
    CS408: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
    CS409: Cryptography
    CUST104: Business Communications
    CUST105: Customer Service
    MA111: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
    PRDV251: HTML and CSS for Beginners
    PRSM107: Crisis Communication
    RWM103: Geometry
    SALES103: Public Speaking for Sales
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    The honorarium may just be beer money, but the Saylor Academy is a group of great people doing wonderful things, and anyone in a position to be charitable should feel confident they're a worthy recipient.
  3. cookderosa

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    I agree 100%. I've had one on one conversations with their leadership. They are fantastic.

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