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  1. jdaug

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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this school. I might be interested in one of their video game design programs. I am near completion of a Bachelors degree so I could go for either a second bachelors or a masters. Also are there any other schools that offer game design that are regionally accredited? Thanks :)
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    Regional accreditation seems like a tall order for the specialty of "video game design." When one searches "video game design" in Google, one gets alot of trade schools... some of which might be nationally accredited.

    That said, perhaps a slightly more refined Google search or two would turn-up something:I dunno if that helps.
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    Savannah has a good reputation.

    A number of the Art Institutes have game design as a separate program. Others include game design as part of their computer animation programs. Most of the AII schools are nationally accredited, I think. A number of the larger ones are regionally accredited. There is an AI Online offering for game design, which is solely DL, but I don't know about accreditation.

    This link will provide you with the Web sites of the AI schools that offer game design:

    Savannah is offering programs via DL? I was unaware that they were.

    Hope this helps.


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    Where are you located?

    Katharine Gibbs School in Melville NY offers an Associates Degree In Game and Web Design. The Program is not offered online.
    Gibbs is accreditated by ACICS.
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    Good afternoon!

    Although SCAD has only been around for 27 years or so, the school enjoys an excellent reputation in the area. The school has helped in the historic preservation of numerous buildings in Savannah (including some that it owns), and I have heard from students that they enjoy the on-the-ground programs.

    For those who haven't seen SCAD's e-Learning programs, see on the web. The description of the Master of Arts in Interactive Design and Game Development was quite interesting!

    Good luck in your search!
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    SCAD has an excellent reputation in Georgia, I don't think you could go wrong with them.
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    Yeah... and talk about a wasted opportunity: Taking D/L courses from it, when the beauty of the city it's in would tempt just about anyone take the courses in residence just so one could move there and enjoy the place for a few years!

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