SATS seems weak in Old Testament Studies

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by PatsFan, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Won't you come home Bill Grover
    Won't you come home?
    This thread has gone all wro-ong
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    Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

    Oh come on, Bill, surely you can handle some give and take!

    Besides, if you and I were sitting down face-to-face, acrimony, criticism, or sarcasm would not be inferred (or implied) I am sure. Such is the nature of all fora.

    As far as Dothan, I have stated numerous times on here that I have been well served by the Ph.D.--qualification for state licensure, qualification to take a national clinical mental health qualifying exam (and passing) for state licensure, credits transferred to accredited schools, etc.

    Anyway, Bill, don't be so sensitive. Sensitivity is usually a sign of insecurity, my friend.

    You are loved by all at DI and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, what the sensible, always diplomatic Uncle Janko said!
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    :D :D :D :D
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    Degreeinfo must not lose its Zulu Heinie. We need you, Bill.
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    Yes, Heinies of all kinds make the world (and DI) go round. :D
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    it's an east coast thing

    "Fat-bottomed girls! They make the rocking world go 'round."
    --Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury)
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    Re: it's an east coast thing

    They can't all be California girls!
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    this is all Bill Grover's fault

    See what happens w/o Bill? Travesties upon Queen lyrics. Get back here, Bill.
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    I hate to stupid down this intriging conversation but I have a question regarding this college.

    How are their courses accepted in the US, particularily the big three. I have already been in touch with them and they have been very helpful and quick (unlike unisa). They claim that their courses should be accepted without problem but following this conversation I ma maybe not so sure.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

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    que mas pana?

    Ummm..........he said he loved you.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

    First, welcome back and I mean that sincerely.

    Second, you are a valuable asset to DI. You have a wealth and breadth of theological knowledge unsurpassed by anyone else on here with the possible exception of Uncle Janko.

    Third, I have learned from you. I am now a Trinitarian, thanks in large part to you and your propositions previously put forth.

    Fourth, I am reconsidering my Arminian theology thanks, in large part to you, and my current studies at FLET.

    Fifth, you are somewhat of a zealot. :D

    Now, to respond to your statements:

    1. Thanks for your positive comments on Peppler.

    2. Peppler feels he received a good education at his unaccredited schools. That was his choice, not yours. You are responsible for your choices, no one else's.

    3. Agreed on Biblical languages. But you carry it away too far. One doesn't have to be a biblical language scholar to be a good pastor.

    4. Talk to SATS and let us know their replies.

    So, we go from Queen to Twisted Sister. :D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

    And that's why I personally appreciate the comments you share in DI. I hope you'll continue to post often. I also appreciate the respect for the opinions of others that you communicate in your postings. I hope you'll hang in there, Bill.
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    Re: que mas pana?

    Sure he does, it's the Christian thing to do. :D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse


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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Civil Discourse

    If you have talked to SATS and they have, in essence dismissed you, what does that say?
  18. uncle janko

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    ag shame

    My dear, dear colleagues:

    No more kidding around.
    Bill, Jimmy, STOP IT. NOW.

    I was going to report both of you to the moderators in the hopes that they would collectively--not ban or warn you--but tell you to grow up. But it would be wrong to send someone else to say what I should say for myself.

    Jimmy: you have steadfastly rebuilt your reputation and credibility and have become as honoured and honourable a participant here as I can imagine. You, as Chris did, have been doing the very hard and dignified work to cap earlier unaccredited degrees with accredited ones. Taunt millists. Taunt shills. Taunt liars. But show some respect to Bill, to this extraordinary mind among us.

    Bill: In case you have forgotten--and I speak as one also in parlous health--the good Lord saw fit to bring you safely through heart surgery about a month ago. The surgeons have put their knives away. You do the same. Now.

    The two of you are demanding some sort of capitulation from one another. Fine. Do it in off-topic, or better, in private messages. Quit doing it at the expense of SATS and Chris Peppler. You have no idea the personal anguish this caused Chris. I do. You apparently missed the moral and emotional point of Gregg's heartfelt post at the end of the Peppler thread. I didn't.

    I fear to rebuke dear friends but I guess I have to. You both should be ashamed of yourselves: Jimmy, for knowing that Bill would be provoked and doing it anyway; Bill, for acting like something considerably less than a newly minted doctor of a fine school and a newly enthroned professor at another reputable school.

    Jimmy, I don't know who your personal mentors have been, but I know the ecclesiastical traditions you represent. Are you making Christian character the only test of fellowship? Are you humbly waiting for more light and truth to break forth from God's holy Word?

    Bill: Are you representing the pioneering research of Pippin Oosthuizen, the wit and courage under grave illness of Bobby Loubser, the gracious kindness of Arthur Song, and the mentoring acumen of Alrah Pitchers?

    You both speak not only as respected posters of DI but as representatives of traditions of churchmanship and of scholarship. Would you choose you as an ambassador just now?

    I don't give a tinker's damn which one of you wins this fight.
    I do care deeply about the informative character of DI--something both of you are obscuring at the moment. My affection and regard for the two of you is utterly undiminished by what I have felt burdened (if I may use a Friends term after all these years) to say here.

    [John/rince: My answer to you is yes, go right ahead with SATS. I will give you a more extended and a public answer later on, if you wish it.]

    Jimmy and Bill, you have my very best wishes, my sternest rebuke, and my Christian love to both of you. I write

    mit brennender Sorge,
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  19. rince

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    yes please uncle janko
  20. DesElms

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    Fear not. SATS is accredited in South Africa; and I use that word in SATS's case in the same sense as we, in the US, mean and use the word "accredited." South Africa uses an approximately 4:1 South-African-credits to US-semester-hours ratio. So a 120-credit year of full-time coursework in South Africa is equivalent to 30 to 32 US semester hours of coursework. That means that a 120 US semester hour bachelors degree would be a 480 credit bachelors in South Africa. One three-semester-hour course in the US is equivalent to one 12-credit course in South Africa. The math used to calculate the transfer credit is easy and predictable, so that part's not a problem.

    But, as always, with any non-US (foreign) degree or coursework, there is always a chance that a given staffer in a given US college/university admissions office will not really know very much about South African accreditation and will, therefore, balk at recognizing its coursework or degrees. To eliminate that problem, one uses a foreign credential evaluation service to evaluate one's foreign coursework and/or degree, and said credential evaluation service then declares it either equivalent to US regionally-accredited coursework or not. The credible credential evalauators are either AACRAO or most any NACES member agency. I link to both in my signature.

    All you have to do is take the courses (or get the degree) from SATS; then contact the US school -- in your case, whichever of the "big three" that most interests you -- and you ask said US school what foreign credential evaluator they trust/prefer so that you can pay said evaluator to declare your coursework/degree equivalent to US regionally accredited in anticipation of your applying there. Some colleges/universities have a very specific credential evaluator (or short list of same) that they trust, and will only accept evaluations therefrom; while others will accept pretty much any evaluation as long as it's from AACRAO or a NACES member agency.

    At any rate, just pay the evaluator to have your SATS coursework or degree evaluated (typical cost is from $100 to $500 for an entire degree and all its component coursework... and you'll probably only have to do it once in your lifetime); and then have said evaluator send an official copy of its evaluation directly to the US college in which you're interested. Said college will then decide how (or if) it will accept your SATS coursework or degree, just the same as it would decide whether and/or how it would accept US regionally-accredited coursework or a degree. Once the evaluator says that a given 12-South-African-credit course is equivalent to a given 3-US-regionally-accredited-semester-hour course, the college/university in which you're interested treats said SATS 12-credit course just like a US-3-semester-hour course.

    SATS credits transfer quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. They're serious and legitimate courses that are easily on-par with those in the US. Bill's criticism of SATS here doesn't mean that SATS isn't worthwhile... as he has said. These kinds of arguments are of the sort that Yale and Harvard might have with one another. Yale things that Harvard is a joke; and Harvard thinks that Yale is a community college. Most of us couldn't get accepted into either of them. At that level, it's of no concern to us mere mortals who just want quality, accredited coursework... be it from SATS or one of the big three. From our vantage point, it's all good. Don't worry about it.

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