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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by saharapost, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. saharapost

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    I am trying to double-check this information with my Degreeinfo family as I am sure people here are knowledgeable about accreditation.

    My friend and I were having a discussion about Regents Business School MBA and it appears that they have some "solid" accreditation in South Africa (and they claim some international accreditation).

    According to the information on their page at Our Accreditations - Regent Business School , they seem to have multiple accreditations.

    One thing I noticed also is that they appear to be affordable and payment plan that can be spread across the entire duration of the program -

    Could someone familiar with the SA education confirm that degrees earned from this school will be considered equivalent of RA based on their accreditations? Thank you
  2. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I can't imagine why it wouldn't, since it's recognized locally perfectly well. The WES free evaluation tool doesn't list it, but we've seen in other cases how that tool has turned out to be a poor indicator.
  3. louisnguyen27

    louisnguyen27 New Member

    Yes, it is, although RBS is not on the top of the list like Cape Town or Stellenbosch (triple crown).
  4. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    Thanks, Steve and louisnguyen27 for your responses. I also searched Anabin (Germany's list of accepted/accredited foreign institutions and qualifications) and it appears that a(n) RBS South Africa MBA will be accepted in Germany as well.
  5. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    Even if it is on the tool, that same tool tells us that a degree from Ashworth College (DEAC) would be accepted in Canada at the same level. We know this to not be the case.

    Though, I suppose WES sort of has us on a technicality. The WES tool says that an NA degree would be accepted at the same level in Canada. And on the final evaluation it, indeed, does establish equivalency at that level it just says the school is unrecognized. All this time I thought the WES tool was just a bit sloppy. It may be that they just cleverly worded everything to lure people into buying their evaluations.

    Whatever the case, it appears that RBS has the same sort of approvals as UNISA. So, if UNISA is evaluated as RA equivalent then RBS logically would be as well.
  6. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    Also, I'm not sure if you read this (or if it impacts you in any way) but while the programs seems to be solidly DL their venues for examinations seem rather limited:

  7. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    Neuhaus, that was one of my concerns which I pointed out to my friend. A response he got from the school seems to suggest that exams can be taken anywhere insofar one can get "proctor" and is willing to bear the costs. What I would like to ask the school (if I were interested) is regarding credit transfer. Unless I am reading the below response wrongly, am not sure the admissions advisor was referring to credit transfer... Maybe in South Africa RPL refers to learning from work experience...?

    "Dear xyz

    Please refer below for your requested answers.

    How often do you have starting points? twice or thrice a year or more? So when is next intake? MBA its thrice a year other programmes its twice per year.
    I am in Dubai, how is the schedule of courses? Do i have to go to South Africa? No you can have online support and you can still write your exams in Dubai but you will have to hire an exam venue and an invigilator at your own cost.
    How about exams- are they in South Africa as well? I can go to South Africa but not very frequently- say once or twice a year. Yes you can still come and write your exams here.
    Do i have a process of recognition of prior learning- RPL. If yes what is the policy for transferring towards Master- is there a minimum to study with yourselves. MBA RPL is now very complex, it depends with your accumulated qualification, work experience and age.
    Final question ... is this degree similar to the on-campus degree. Yes is the same degree as on campus one.

    Thank you"


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