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  1. DebTormey

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    Just one more thing...

    In my NCU LS6010B course (the intro-to-the-school Reseach Strategies course) I did a great deal of basic research toward my dissertation. I might have done it anyway, but it was encouraged in the Syllabus...I say simply, go NCU.
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    Plagiarism and Difficulty

    1. Plagiarism is a problem at all schools, be they a community college, DL or Harvard. A recent survey had what, 60% of students admitting to cheating. Just how can a professor with 200+ students in a single class do more than spot check. The liklihood of being caught cheating is poor. If you don't have the personal integrity to not do it, that is your problem.

    2. Lazy professors occur everywhere as well. Many simply grade easy to keep the evaluations up. However, one problem shared by all schools is the switch to part timers. Wages are low and the need to teach a large load of classes inevitably will hinder the ability of the instructor to adequately review assignements. There was an article recently on a parttimer that was teaching something like 10-12 classes at a time. That is ridiculous. Schools need to use dedicated instructors in DL programs and treat them more like full time employees.

    3. Hard classes? I have had maybe 3 really hard classes in my academic career, both traditional and DL. 2 were in a community college (same professor) and 1 for my MBA. Some people struggle, some people don't in every aspect of life. That is the way it is.

    Read the CHEA very long and you will realize cheating and lazy professors exist at all levels of academia. Bad on them
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    Nice anecdote :). I might be the guy you're talking about, only in my case the class was graduate Logic for Computer Science. For me, it was almost no work at all, yet everybody else seem to struggle with it a lot. Then again, dealing with mathematical proof and appropriate notation since high school and being Math major helped :) I'm sure there must be SOMEONE who actually fount Compiler Construction class (wich almost killed me; I got a B+ wich is actually more like C+ for graduates - a C is practically a failing grade and you have to retake the sourse) easy ;)
  4. Chsheaf

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    This is an interesting thread. As a current student of NCU I must agree with Craig and Debroah, my courses have been thorough and demanding. NCU makes some of my undegrad courses look like kids play.
    We do we even respond to this garbage. Obviously the poster just wants to engage in fraud. Why else would he/she have a fictious name and email. :confused:
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    I am currently in the NCU PhD program, and I firmly believe in the GIGO principle. I believe I get a lot out of my courses because I put a lot into them. For example, I took the full 16 weeks to complete LS6010, and am now in week 6 of MGMT 5028 (stats).

    c.plager's posts are about as valid as his/her user name and e-mail address.

    Does the expression "tits on a boar hog" strike a familiar note?
  6. Bill Parker

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    I am also a recent graduate of Northcentral now considering their Ed.D program. I have no complaints or regrets. As other students have mentioned, you get what you put into any academic program. I was extremely pleased with them and would not hesitate continuing my education there.
  7. me again

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    This is like deja vu!!! < slaps forehead >

    Let's face it, Northcentral University Online and the University of Phoenix Online are bottom-of-the-barrel schools that have achieved RA status. Anyone who attempts to stress that their academic curriculum is somehow rigorous is... well... I won't say any further about this because it inflames-to-no-end some of the students (not all) who choose go to these types of schools. :rolleyes: Having said that…

    These two schools do have utility, due to their RA status. We have seen how government entities are now accepting DETC accredited schools, which demonstrates even more utility for schools like NCU and UoP. However, in my own case, I could not hold my head in pride by telling someone that I am a UoP graduate. On the contrary: I would hold my head in shame. This is not meant to inflame anyone; it’s just how I feel.

    Since NCU has such a “normal” sounding name, it has, thus far, slipped through the cracks. It’s reputation is not fully developed yet. Those here at have already read plenty of negative commentaries about the lack of rigor at both the UoP and NCU – but the reputation of NCU outside of this esoteric circle has not yet gelled and, when it does, it will probably be of the same flavor as the UoP.

    Now for those of you who insist that our anecdotal experiences at NCU are in no way, shape, fashion or form indicative of NCU’s lack of academic rigor --- you too are entitled to your opinion. NCU and UoP are birds of a feather. It’s all about the money; just keep it rolling in. :rolleyes:
  8. Bill Hurd

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    Re: Caution

  9. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    me again,

    IF you are the same user name at Theology Review, that poster dropped a DL PhD program because the statistics class was too difficult. That wouldn't be because of rigor you reckon?

    Regardless, how about substantiating your points with something empirical, you know, scholarly stuff. But please use short sentences and small monosyllabic words so that I may understand.
  10. dlady

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    Wow, I'm looking at both of these programs, and others. I sure won’t hold my head in shame if I actually finish one.

    That’s an odd thing to say.

    Hold my head in shame because I finished a Doctorate program...

    The standards on this board are really high!

  11. me again

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    Re: Re: Caution

    Ah, the firestorm begins. Again. :rolleyes:
    Sorry babe, but you recall incorrectly, as I finished the course with an "A." ;)

    I then enrolled in a Masters degree program (elsewhere) and graduated. :)
    Sorry babe, but your memory needs a little bit of work, as I also completed one course at NCU with an easy "A" and, mind you, it took me about 72 hours of work to do a course that is supposed to be 20 weeks in duration. :rolleyes: Then I lost six figures in the stock market and was forced to stop all educational endeavors.
    People are very touchy over these issues. It is similar to the people who support the degree mills and who are highly offended when someone suggest that there are some problems with their degrees. Mind you, NCU and UoP are RA, which gives them some utility, but whenever anyone suggest that their courses lack rigor, people become highly offended. Why? We seem to see a pattern of less-than-wonderful rigor with these two schools... or maybe it's just coincidence?
  12. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    No, I never said that the rigor was too difficult. If that particular "me again" said that it was too rigorous, then it is not the same person as me.

    Handing the student a textbook and asking about 3 or four questions (out of 20 or 25 questions) at the end of each chapter is hardly doctoral level studies, won't you agree?
    If a post is addressed specifically to you, then your request will be granted. LOL :)
    So you want an empirical study with short sentences and small monosyllabic words that you may understand? Veddy Veddy interesting. :p
  13. raristud

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    Wow!! How did you loose six figures in the stock market?. What stock(s) did you invest in?:eek:
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  14. Chsheaf

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    Wow, you guys must be referring to a different Northcentral U. than I am attending. My course syllabus requires weekly assignments to evaluate case studies and scholarly articles. I showed the syllabus to several of the attorneys I work with and they were shocked at the magnitude of coursework. One in particular had a grad degree from Brown and indicated his coursework was considerably less.

    I now feel relieved that you are speaking of a different NCU than the NCU located in AZ. :rolleyes:
  15. RFValve

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    Re: Re: Re: Caution

    Today I was talking to one PhD student at University of Toronto that has been working on his PhD for 6 years full time, I commented that some people was able to finish a PhD from NCU in three years while holding a full time job. You can image how offended he was when I compared his PhD from UoT with the one from NCU that can be earned at a macrowave pace. It is evident that there is a huge diffence in rigour between all the accredited universities. I'm not saying that NCU is a mill but people shouldn't get offended when someone says that NCU, UoP or similar schools are less rigorous than the average University. At the end of the day, they are less rigorous so they can accomodate part time students. They fill up a gap and they are good alternatives to many working students, but I wouldn't say that they are comparable to rigorous Universities.
  16. roysavia

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    Somehow I doubt that any school (RA or DETC) would make life so easy for its students. Earning an MBA requires sweat, sacrifice and commitment. I missed many workouts, outings and parties because of the demands made by the program. I find it difficult to believe that a recently accredited school would allow its graduate programs to be so lax.:confused:
  17. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    roysavia, I PM'd you. :)
  18. c.novick

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    I can only comment on courses that I have had. I recently finished CJ5010 at NCU.

    Six landmark criminal cases had to be briefed from a law textbook. To complete an effective brief 7-8 pages per brief. A final project required legal research (Shepardizing) for updated court decisions that affected the rules abstracted final project was 53 pages.

    Total course = 15 weeks and 101 pages of research. Certainly not lax. An attorney that I work with was amazed at the work load.

    I think there has been a great improvement in rigor since "me again" last attended. I believe "me again" did a good job bringing to light issues which caused changes to be implemented.
  19. Dave Wagner

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    Troll alert!
  20. Chsheaf

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    Craig, you are frightening me. Sounds like much work. It looks like a great deal of rigor to me....
    Chuck S. (Fellow CSU grad)

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