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    Cheesy British Universities

    I am most impressed by the geographical similarities between the three schools. In particular, all three schools are strikingly cheesy:

    From the Cheshire U site:
    From the U of Lamberhurst site:
    From the Walsingham U site:
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    How lazy can you get! They didn't even change the background color!
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    Must be cramped having three universities in the same building.
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    "There are numerous excellent dairy farms, on which the celebrated Cheshire cheese is made"

    Cheshire cheese is the real item, a very nice white crumbly cheese for those that like such stuff.

    Reference the joint accommodation, we did have about 6 'Universities' all apparently in a Victorian mid terrace double fronted house!
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    Walsingham is on the same server as the following (some of which are not currently operational) : -


    One of the others is filtered through domains by proxy, a traditional way to hide the true ownership of a site. In many, if not most jurisdictions giving the true name of the owner of a business is a legal necessity.
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    From Walingham's FAQ:

    What are the University’s colors?

    The University’s colors are mauve purple and gold.

    They clash! How gauche! :eek:


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