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    My wife wants to pursue an Undergraduate degree in Information Technology. I plan to transfer a chunk of my GI Bill benefits to her since I will have about 12-16 months left when I finish my Masters degree. Now my question. After searching this forum I cannot find any information on a BA or BS in IT from an RA school that has short semesters that also has a lenientish transfer credit policy. She has a AS in Accounting and a certification from Augusta State University in Computer Forensics.

    So essentially my markers I am searching for are
    Online (attached to B&M school preferred but not required)
    Expedited Semesters for largest amount of classes taken in a 1 year period
    Regional Accreditation
    Degree in IT
    Lenient transfer credit policy.

    I know this is a lot to ask but you all have helped me out massively in my education path so I figured I would give it a shot for my wife as well.
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    and relatively cheap would be nice just in case I have to cover classes out of pocket if the GI bill does not cover the full time it takes her lol.
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    Fort Hays State University ( ) might also meet your wife's requirements for a degree. They offer several IT related degrees online and are relatively inexpensive.

    Hope this helps.
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