Question about returning to a community college.

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    i graduated from a Community in 2014, with a liberal arts degree, this year, i'm in a 4 year college and did poorly this year, My Question is that Can i go back to Kbcc as a computer information system and later transfer to a better college if my grades get good in the community . Also since i already got a degree can i apply for that community college.

    Thank you for answering.
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    I cannot speak to the loans, but if you are going back to a CC for computer instruction, make sure the courses you want to enroll in are transferable to the four year institution you wish to attend. Our computer courses are very good, but are classified as professional/technical, and not all have direct transferability. The CC department advisor should be able to tell you which are directly transferable to the school you have in mind, and which may or may not be. takes our pro/tech associates degrees in full. I send my 2 year grads there to complete the B.S. and they have had good results.
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    I am recently completing a degree myself online and believe this is the educational wave of the future. If you check with the institutions you're interested in you'll find that most all have online programs and will do all they can to provide information regarding financial aid. These courses do involve a lot of writing however, so keep in mind the online writing resources available. A couple of good ones are Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) ( and (name and link deleted by moderator). Otherwise check
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