Quality Mgmt or Project Mgmt certification?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by pwoodruffe, May 4, 2005.

  1. pwoodruffe

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    I am considering starting either a Quality Mgmt. or Project Mgmt. certification path. The project mgmt. path is the most well-known and sought after but the requirements to even sit for the exam are quite stringent. I have not heard too much about the Quality Mgmt. path(asq.org). Does anyone have any advice as to these areas of certification? Thanks...
  2. -kevin-

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    Both types of programs have merit. Project Management may have an edge since it has broader applications. In my opion the PMP carries an advantage over say Six Sigma or other quality certifications since the PMBOK is now an ANSI standard. However I have not sought any quality management certifications for years so perhaps the field has advanced. Hopefully someone will jump in to correct me if I am wrong.

    At one point I was a Quality Advisor and I also hold the PMP certification (as do several others who contribute to the forum). The PMP has served me better than the QA field simply because each industry, including the government, has its unique approach to quality management based upon its business model. PM is more standardized.

    There are some real good PM certifications that can provide some academic credit. Amberton University has a 4 course that can be had for undergraduate or graduate credit. Stanford has a non academic certification that would look good on a resume. Ultimately a PMP will serve you well and some schools, UW Plattville (MS-PM), Aspen (MBA-PM), will provide graduate academic credit for holding a PMP. There is a lesser certification available from PMI if you cannot meet the PMP criteria.

    Do a search on the forum for project or quality management and there should be some additional threads.

    Good luck with your search.
  3. Mike Albrecht

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    Under the quality umbrella come such areas as, Total qulaity managment, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, and others. In many arenas it is more important than project managment. See some of the previous discussions on six sigma on this board.

    IMO the one area that is still heavily pursuing project managment is the high tech sector, especially software, probably because of the massive over runs.

    Another spin off area that is seeing a growth is construction managment.

    My recommendation would be the quality route.
  4. pwoodruffe

    pwoodruffe New Member

    Yes. It does seem that project mgmt. is going the IT route which is shame as we have already learned what happens when place such a heavy emphasis on ONE area. Quality mgmt. does seem to be more generalized and applicable to many areas of business and mgmt. However, I have a few months before I make my decision so any and all feedback is welcome.
  5. Kirkland

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    When you say the PMI standards are stringent, does that mean you don't yet qualify or that you would like something easier to attain?

    The PMP certainly is useful for IT projects, but then it is also useful in a number of different industries including construction, manufacturing, and engineering services. I don't agree that it is IT oriented, but the demand in IT is great.

    I haven't come across the demand for a Quality certification that comes anywhere near that for certified project managers.

    My recommendation is to strive for a PMI affiliation of some sort, even their associate level. Also useful, in addition to PMI, is one of the project management certifications from a big name provider like George Washington Univ. which carries a lot of respect, or some others. Certification programs from lesser known colleges, like their degrees, just don't carry the same weight on face value.
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  6. Mike Albrecht

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    In engineering and construction, See:

    Of particular interest is: http://www.pmforum.org/prof/accredit.htm and http://www.pmforum.org/prof/standard.htm#CERTIFICATION

    What about Six Sigma?

    and see: http://forums.degreeinfo.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13307&highlight=sigma

    Project managmenet and the PMP is recognized, but a search on Monster develops the same number of hits ofr six sigma as PMP.

    As more organizations strive for ISO certification (9000, etc.) quality assurance is becoming more important.

    RUKIDNME98 New Member

    Why not both?

    Why not attack both.....I got my PMP and Six Sigma Black Belt cert the same year.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Kirkland

    Kirkland Member

    No denying the certification industry is huge and growing. It seems that everybody is striving to get everyone else in line with their way of thinking. If there are any aliens who are observing us, they must be laughing themselves silly...it's probably what caused the Roswell crash...

    In my opinion the Six Sigma process seems contrived and may be heading the way of many fads. It's too complicated and somewhat gimmicky with the various karate-like belt designations.

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