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    It is a good story on Professor Gollin. I especially like the reference to his opponents as "organized crime" by former FBI agent Ezell. If that means Richard J. Hoyer, Dixie Scamtalk and company, I'm surprised that they are considered "organized." A more obvious, stumbling bunch of third-string trailer-park hounds would be hard to imagine. Who would buy a degree from this group, every one of whom has been named in the media already?
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    This is a organized crime as the Dixie Randock, Rick Novak, Hoyer, Steve Randock, H.K. Lorhan, Ken Pearson, Vedamurthy Sarvotham, Bob Stefanaik, Amy Hensley and other involved sat, discussed , planned and executed their diploma mills.

    The Panama Canal University and Colony University are the recent examples.

    But still they use different names and different addresses to sell degrees. Yes, JMU has three names, James Monroe University, Monroe University, James Monroe International University. Sometime they claim Liberia, sometime Seborga and suddenly India.

    I don't bother about the buyers of the easy degrees online, but many of the genuine students (like my friend) had been victimized by the St Regis Group.
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    Is that requirement dropped once they get tenure?
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    In May, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gollin and spending a couple of hours conversing in his office, during which time I met his daughter (a very bright young lady) and witnessed some telephone communication between him and his wife that betrayed absolutely no marital discord.

    George Gollin's credentials are impeccable and his knowledge of the inner workings and relationships within the sleazy world of diploma/degree mills is impressive. He appeared to me to be absolutely unfazed and undaunted by the lame attempts of the mill operators to discredit him. He really seems to enjoy this stuff.

    Tony Piña, Ed.D.
    Northeastern Illinois University
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    Why thank you!

    Hi Tony,

    It was a pleasure meeting you too. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

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    Dr Piña and Dr Gollin and Mr Contreras, whom I esteem most highly, and Decimon, in addition, are ALL unquestionably bona fide posters without weird arcana hanging about their necks like a talismanic (but dead) albatross.

    Mr Azad, on the other hand, comes so encumbered with his past--and quite possibly his present--that his credibility may have to wait for a future incarnation.
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    There is only one legitimate JMU, and that's my cousin's alma matter James Madison University here in VA. JMU has a superb reputation, and nearly every professional accreditation there is; I am honestly surprised they haven't sued Monroe yet.
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    The albatross was obtrusive and became a protected species. My live chickadee is pretty cool.

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