Princeton is the only Ivy League school without online degrees

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Princeton is the only Ivy League school left without online degree programs. Without even counting extension and professional schools, all of the other Ivy League schools have online degrees that are indistinguishable from their on-campus programs. Just to name a few.

    Havard - Ed.M and MPH

    Brown - Cybersecurity

    University of Pennsylvania - computer and information technology

    Dartmouth - MPH

    Columbia - many online degree programs in social work, education, legal studies, engineering, etc.

    Cornell - engineering

    Yale - executive MPH and physician assistant studies
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    I believe you are correct. Even branching out from the Ivy schools, a lot of top universities are adopting online degree programs. Johns Hopkins, Duke, NYU, WashU St. Louis, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, etc.

    It is nice to see top tier universities moving towards remote learning degree options. I think they are beginning to understand the importance for current professionals to re-skill without interrupting their current career and family life.
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    Yes, Columbia has a lot of online programs, but some schools in Columbia only offer short-term courses or certificate programs instead of degrees.
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    It is really encouraging to see the online programmes being offered from the Ivies. The earliest, I think could be the Columbia Video Network which has been around for quite some time. I do wish to also add that Stanford also has a range of master's programmes in engineering within their Honors Programme - whereby employers need to subscribe to however. Still, very encouraging!
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