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  1. rabbuhl

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    I have been looking at international business schools in Europe which could compliment my distance learning MBA from TAMUC perhaps by earning a minor or at least taking some international business courses. Some school I have looked at include University of Amsterdam (not a distance program) and the Distance Learning MBA at Tanaka Business School (not accredited). I was looking at the Thunderbird website and noticed they have a Post MBA program--a Masters of International Management which is designed to compliment an existing MBA. Does anyone have experience with the Post MBA program at Thunderbird or any experience combining DL programs?
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  2. SteveFoerster

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  3. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    I am interested in "globalizing" my MBA by taking courses towards a minor at a school outside of the U.S. If this is not possible I can take courses for an MIM at Thunderbird.

    TAMUC offers the possibility to earn a minor in international business by taking courses in the British Studies Program. I am trying to do the same thing but with DL courses :)
  4. RFValve

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    I don't know much Post MBAs outside the US and Canada by DL. Argosy has one Advanced Certificate for MBA graduates
  5. edowave

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    If you really want an international flavor, I think a on-campus short course would be better than a DL course. Heriot-Watt would be a great option. Either by doing a certificate program, or just a course or two. You can do it 100% DL, or do an on-campus short course, which usually consists of a couple of long weekends.

    Most UK universities have some type of on-campus short course as well.
  6. tcmak

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    BTW, DL MBA at Tanaka Business School is "ACCREDITED".

    The school is "legitimate" (under the Royal Charter) and obtained EQUIS accreditation.

    There are oscational study scheme offered by them for taking a single module in the programme. So you can pick one or two of the modules there and compliment your MBA studies.

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  7. stock

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    Have you looked at Henley Mgmt School
  8. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    Last year I found out about the DL MBA programs in the U.K. such as Tanaka Business School, Heriot-Watt, Henley, Manchester, and Warwick.

    I saw that Tanaka has a great program and is reasonably priced but was not accredited. However, the school received their EQUIS accreditation in Oct 2006. I am under the impression that you can do the whole MBA program for around 20K euros and an individual course is 2K euros.

    The other U.K. schools Heriot-Watt and Henley have the most students according to the website and are also EQUIS accredited. I am not sure of the price per course.

    I am sure that a minor from any one of these schools would be a good compliment to my MBA program from TAMUC. It is going to be difficult to choose.
  9. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    Sorry, it does not look like Heriot-Watt has EQUIS accreditation :(
  10. tcmak

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    Afterall, you have to decide based on what you are interested in. The school matter only comes next to your areas of interest.


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