Please explain and how that gives a discount at TESU

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  1. jb111

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    Hi. Can anyone explain how this works? I don't quite understand what is. It seems similar to straighterline. Nothing I could find on TESU's site mentions getting discounts (though it was mentioned on a forum). I'm in the final stages of deciding between Excelsior and TESU and would like to understand the costs. Thank you
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    AFAIK, is quite similar to Straighterline. You register for a course, pay the fee, study through the materials and videos, take quizzes and assignments, and take a web-proctored final exam.

    The main difference between those two as I understand, is how the grading is done. puts the whole emphasis on the final proctored exam while Straighterline distributes between the assignments and final exam (something like 70% for assignments and 30% for final - though I am not very sure on actual numbers).

    Here's the page for courses that transfer to TESU. I am not aware of any discounts:
    Thomas Edison State University
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    Go back to the "other forum" and do a search for AFFILIATE. The Study company is listed as an Affiliate partner, which you'll be able to check a box for when you apply. There is a discount on your tuition - I think it's all spelled out in the thread. Not sure that this forum is the better place since a zillion percent of the members on the other forum use Study.
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    Thanks both. The other forum did indeed answer this question. Sorry if I repeat anything Cook said. The answer for anyone else interested is: is tied into Excelsior and TESU (as well as other colleges). For Excelsior, they tailor primarily to Uexcel tests UExcel Exams - Excelsior College Courses - Online Classes with Videos |

    For TESU, they have what's called, "Dual enrollment", where is a direct replacement for classes you would take at TESU (but cheaper of course)
    Thomas Edison State University

    With TESU, when registering, select Affiliate discount. If you have already registered, contact your counselor and have them apply it. The discount is 5% off TESU classes and I believe 10% off residency. This seems to be the only advantage over Straighterline - they are very similar and reputable. When I first saw I got worried since they seemed to be a referral site for colleges. Then I dug deeper and found the above nuggets. Thanks.
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    I don't know if SL is an affiliate of TESU or not, however, I do know that SL has about 18 "scholarship" programs in place (see full list on their site). Simply complete (about) 4 courses at ABC College and receive X% (about 10) off of your tuition.
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    No, used to grade only on the final but they do not any longer. Quizzes and Assignments are part of the grade now (and I suspect that is more of an ACE thing as another site mentioned they too were required to change).

    Also Straighterline and are more the other way around when it comes to weighting, with more of the weight on the final and less on the rest.

    For example Principles of Management at was divided as 50 points to quizzes and 100 from the final. Where as English Comp I has 3 writing assignments in addition to the quizzes and final so it is divided differently though the final is still the largest of the three.

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