Please critique my degree plan for B.S. Liberal Studies, Excelsior College

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  1. Kelly Green

    Kelly Green New Member

    66 hours of Arts & Sciences credits, including 21 upper level:
    CLEP Psychology 3
    DSST Lifespan Psych 3
    ECE Social Psych 3 upper
    ECE Abnormal Psych 3 upper
    ECE Res Methods Psych 3 upper
    ECE Psych Aging/Adult 3 upper
    DSST Money & Banking 3 upper
    ECE Gerontology 3 upper
    ECE Org Behavior 3 upper
    CLEP Sociology 3
    CLEP Microeconomics 3
    CLEP Macroeconomics 3
    ECE English Comp (WER) 6
    CLEP Analyzing/Interp Lit 6
    CLEP College Mathematics 6
    CLEP German and/or French* 12
    Depth/A.O.F. #1 in Arts & Sciences: Psychology

    55 hours of Applied Professional credits:
    DSST Business Math 3
    CLEP Management 3
    CLEP Marketing 3
    DSST Statistics 3
    CLEP Business Law 1 3
    DSST Business Law 2 3
    DSST Prin of Fin Accy 3
    INDY 3 Accounting 9
    LSU 6 Accounting 18
    ECE Information Lunacy 1
    DSST Principles of Finance 3
    DSST Mgt Info Sys 3
    Depth/A.O.F. #2 in Applied Prof: Admin/Mgt Studies

    Total credits: 121

    * I'm rusty in both German and French, but I think I can squeak out a "C" in both for 6 hours each, or maybe an "A" in German...
    INDY= Indiana University - Bloomington (distance coursework)

    I think I have covered all the requirements regarding Humanities, Math/Science, Social Science.

    Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated!

  2. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Based upon the many threads and postings discussing testing-out I recommend you tackle the easier to pass examinations first, in part to build confidence and to rack up credit hours quickly. There is a web site showing the pass rates for military test takers for many of these examinations. As I frequently suggest, you might want to earn an AA/AS in liberal studies or general studies on your way to the BS in Liberal Studies.

    By the way, I am a terrible standardized test taker. According to my public school standardized tests, from 20 years ago, I should probably be in remedial elementary school instead of maintaining a near 4.0 GPA since returning to university studies in 2004. Standardized tests and I just do not get along for some reason; I think it is the persistent conflict between left and right hemispheres of my brain.

    "ECE Information Lunacy 1" - Is this for real?
  3. Kelly Green

    Kelly Green New Member

    Hi sentinel, thank for the reply!!

    That's actually "Information Literacy," a one-credit course that is required by Excelsior College; I believe it covers research techniques or something.

    I have a strange sense of humor, I know! :D

    Does anyone else - calling all Excelsior experts - see any problems with my proposed program?

  4. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Hi Kelly,

    Your plan looks good to me however I note you listed 21 units as upper level and Excelsior requires 30 (9 can be electives). If you are short I'm sure members can provide suggestions.

    For added strength move DSST Move DSST Statistics into general ed and you get 9 units of math that satisfies the 9 unit science/math requirement.

    You may not get full credit for both INDY 3 Accounting 9 and LSU 6 Accounting 18; if not take DSST Personal Finance as an elective (seems like a relatively easy three units) plus you will acquire very useful information for your everyday use:

    Wishing you success in your goals
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  5. JazzyMac

    JazzyMac New Member

    Good luck with your plan!!!
  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I just noticed the DSST Money and Banking - I note that DSST places it in their business group - so you may have to move this exam to your electives grouping.
  7. datapoly

    datapoly Member

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