Physical Therapy - Does a dl program exist? --revisiting this for a friends son

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  1. Hille

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    Hi, I know this has been asked and answered previously. Anything new on this front? Would the dl degree assist him into jumping into a mainstream program with greater ease? Hille
  2. edwardlynch

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    Yes,... They will do that.
  3. Jonathan Whatley

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    For PT, there are two substantially hybrid programs with U.S.-standard CAPTE accreditation.
    CAPTE Accredited Physical Therapist Education Programs; choose to filter by key code (A4) The majority of courses are offered by distance. There is University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (CAPTE and DETC accreditation; no regional accreditation; mandatory residencies almost every weekend), and now a 4-year hybrid program from Nova Southeastern University through an extension center in Tampa. For the first three years, "Students attend classes at the Tampa campus 4-5 days per month. The fourth year of the program consists of full-time clinical internships in a variety of settings."

    You might also research programs that are not yet accredited, but developing, with preliminary relationships with CAPTE.

    CAPTE also accredits programs in Physical Therapist Assistant studies. (Note: NOT "Aide." To the best of my knowledge, PT "Aide" is not a regulated profession anywhere, while PT "Assistant" increasingly and has substantially higher professional standing.) PT Assistant programs are generally (maybe, for the professional-entry level, always?) at the associate's level, and are available at many community colleges. Choose key code (A5) there and you'll find five programs with a majority of courses offered by distance.

    There is currently one CAPTE-accredited "bridge program" to transition from PT Assistant to PT, from the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH. After qualifying as a PT Assistant and winning admission to the bridge program, "Students attend our weekend college every other weekend for a period of three years to complete the program. A maximum of 36 students are admitted into a cohort to begin the program each January."

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