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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Magister, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I looked at Penn State for their grad program in Project Management, especially since for me it would be free. But my feelings towards Penn State as an institution can be summed up in 4 little words "they can suck it" after the massive cover up they did. More to the point they will not get one red cent of mine or on my behalf, ever and I promise to whatever diety you choose to believe in, I will sh*t can every Penn State alumni resume I see cross my desk. Is that fair? No. Do I care? No. Call it my little contribution towards the greater good. :)
  3. Jonathan Whatley

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    The number of Penn State students who were ever abusive or part of the cover-up was how many?
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    A good example of why you should always think before you type. Just saying...
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    My husband's degree was from a satellite B&M campus of Penn State - he went to Abington. They, along with all other non State College campuses, have nothing at all to do with the corruption in the athletic program. Those with any connection to athletics, period, is a small percentage of the school's students. It is a huge state university system and I cannot imagine penalizing so many thousands of people for something with which they had no connection, knowledge, or were even within a hundred miles of.

    Fortunately, we are in PA and the area is chock full of Penn State grads, including many hiring managers, so we will not experience the prejudice that a previous poster expressed.
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    Were you drunk when you typed this? If not, wow.

    Penn State is a quality academic institution.
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    This type of attitude is really helpful, and that statement is total sarcasm. You are not doing anything to contribute to the greater good, but you knew that. I am glad that people like you are in the minority, it is prejudicial attitudes like this that are the basis of cover ups. I know nothing about you or your past, but to hold thousands of people guilty for something they had no part of is also very bad. I would like for your superiors to see this post, it may help your organization avoid lawsuits in the future

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