Pay by term for a BSC in Accounting?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Adam311, Apr 4, 2015.

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    I have decided to pursue a second Bachelors. My first bachelors was in Business. Now that i am in accounting, alot of companies want an accounting degree for an accounting position. I recently completed my MBA from WGU in 6 months. WGU is very nice because you can pay by term (6 months). And they allow you to accelerate. I was able to accelerate and only pay 3,250 for the whole program.

    I am thinking about getting my BS from WGU, but I am just wanting to know my options before i commit to WGU. Does any other university allow you to accelerate and pay by term like WGU, or are they the only university that does this?
  2. airtorn

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    Why a second bachelor's instead of going for a second master's?

    I would feel like I was going in reverse with the second BS.
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    St. Joseph's College of Maine has a nice Master of Accountancy program for those who have completed an undergraduate degree in business (but not necessarily accounting).

    Master of Accountancy Online - Accelerated Accounting Degree Online

    In addition, there are some schools that offer undergraduate certificates in accounting for those who already have bachelors degrees in another area but want to transition into the field of accounting. Here are a few to consider:

    Certificate in Accounting - UMass Dartmouth

    Online Accounting Certification | Accounting Certificate | SNHU

    Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting Online | Northeastern University Online

    Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting | Department of Accounting | University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting
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    Airtorn: I would like a second bachelor's because a lot of employers want a BS in Accounting for accounting positions. And I would like one because I should be able to transfer a lot of credits from my first BS. A Masters would be like starting all over.

    AV8R: thanks for the certification links!

    Does anyone know of any BS in Accounting/Finance that can be paid by month/term similar to WGU? Looking for a fast track program that allows me to accelerate and has low tuition rates.

  5. Sacricolist

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    When attempting a second Bachelor's Degree usually 30 credit hours are needed to complete the second degree, A second Masters is roughly 36 credits and would accept 6 credits from the MBA already completed. So you could do the graduate degree for the same amount of credits and fees at Western Governors University.

    Employers would still. Be interested in a candidate with a general business degree and a grad degree in accounting, Just my two cents. .
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    All good options above for additional degrees.
    Another option to consider is to accumulate the minimum credits to sit for the CPA exam if you are going to continue a career in accounting.
    It depends on which state you are in, and how many accounting credits you have accumulated so far.
    It adds the credential for any accounting position, and might be less hours and $$ invested.
  7. edowave

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    Champlain College started something similar - Subscription Levels | truED | Champlain College

    Discounted tuition if you or a family member is a federal employee.
  8. bob_davis

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    I would second the approach of pursuing a second master’s then sitting for the CPA exam.

    With someone that has a lot of accounting experience and as much experience hiring accountants, I know that the degree is typically the way to get into the door. Other certifications, such as CPA, helps differentiate you as it appears you will be entering an entry level position.

    My background is many years in public accounting, currently a CFO, undergraduate in accounting, MBA with concentration in Accounting, active CPA and CVA certifications. My first supervisor at a large CPA firm actually had a psychology undergraduate degree, no masters, and only the qualifying accounting classes necessary for the CPA exam. Of course, she wasn’t hired until she passed the CPA exam, but once she passed, the undergraduate degree didn’t matter.

    Lastly, I would repeat by entire educational process over again other than one thing. I would have changed my undergraduate degree to something different that added diversity as I now know it wasn’t necessary.

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