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    Hey guys anybody has had any experience transferring ACE / Clep awarded credits to Park University?

    They offer good tuition rates plus i qualify for a scholarship

    however they only mention ACE when it comes to the military... I'm taking classes at Penn Foster so most of them are ACE evaluated

    The problem is that the 2 admission ladies i have talked to have very little to no knowledge at all about ACE credit, which surprises me since Park University is listed as one of the cooperating institutions of the ACE Credit program.

    Any help/suggestion would be warmly appreacited

    Thank you!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I have no experience with Park University. Each Park University location has a specific guide, which course is counted toward their curriculum. The only one I ever seen is at Park University (MCB Camp Pendleton). Why's not choosing Troy University? Troy University is better than Park University, which you can use transfer up to 60 credits from credit source... and 90 credits for a Bachelor degree. You just need to take only 10 classes to obtain a four-year college degree.

    Are you affliated with any Military branch?
  3. jra

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    Well i decided for Park because i want to go on campus and they offer me a 75% scholarship with my GPA the problem is that if they take the ACE classes as ACE classes without grades then i have no GPA and no scholarship! all what can i do is pray.. Any suggestions?
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    Park University is listed on the ACE website as a participating school. However, each participating school will still have its own policies and practices regarding which classes or CLEPS to accept, how much credit is granted for each, and what the minimum scores are for CLEPS. For example, CLEP recommends a passing score of 50 for the Englsh Comp CLEP, but some schools demand a higher score. Most schools accet CLEP exams as being worth 3 semester hours of credit, Granite State grants 4 semester hours for each. Some schools only use the Freshman Comp CLEP, others use General Comp, still others will accept either. Some schools want the comp CLEPS to be with essay, others don't care. TESC will accept either comp CLEP exam with essay as being worth 6 semester hours of credit, other schools only grant 3.

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    I can't say for ACE, but Park awards CLEP credits generously. They only require the passing score which is the recommended score for CLEP (usually 50). As long as the CLEP you take mirrors the course required, you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Did you attend Park online or on campus?

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