Options after my MBA is done?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by PatsGirl1, Jun 21, 2011.

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    I can’t believe I am actually even considering it because I’m in the middle of a terribly difficult MBA program, but I know myself and I have to finish what I start, plus I want to stay in school for a few more years to help defer loans. After this program is done (which, fingers majorly crossed, should be in December of this year) I was looking into continuing my education starting in January 2012.

    Originally, I wanted to go back and get a Bachelor’s in Accounting (BS or BSBA is fine; I’m not going the CPA route I don’t think) so was considering going to TESC again and transferring in Straighterline/CLEP/taking some classes, etc. My undergrad is English and I wanted to round out my business education/have a broader scope of managerial capabilities after finishing. Would end up being about $7700, roughly (I need to take actual classes in Acct at TESC or a school, and ind. Study at LSU wouldn’t work for me for those kind of classes). That was the original plan, until this MBA started kicking my butt and made me think “I should go get a fun degree, just for knowledge”. Well if I did a “fun degree” it would be CSU Pueblo’s B.A. in Sociology/Criminology concentration. I can finish it for about $4500, but the utility would be nil. Fascinating subject, no utility.

    Which lead me to my next thought, which is, “Why go backward? Why not get an M.S?” So I was looking at Amberton’s M.A./M.S. programs again (they’ve been on my “short list” for awhile) in either Professional Development or Human Relations and Business. I can transfer in 12 credits, so cost for their programs at current prices would be $5700. If I wanted to get their M.S. in HR Training and Development it would be $6400 (only 9 of my credits would apply). Either way, still cheap.

    So, recap:
    B.S.B.A. Accounting (good utility)- $7700
    B.A. Sociology/Crim (low/no utility)-$4500
    M.A./M.S. at Amberton (some additional utility)-$5700-$6400

    What would you do?
  2. major56

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    In similarity to the Amberton programs, you might also consider:
    Tarleton State University: MS in Management and Leadership or MS in Human Resource Management:
    MS - Management and Leadership - Tarleton State University
    MS - Human Resources Management - Tarleton State University

    Western New Mexico University: MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (student may select up to 2 or 3 areas of concentration; and non-resident students pay in-state tuition for up to 6 credit hours per semester)
    Virtual Campus - Online Programs

    Fort Hays State ($229.50 /CH): MLS concentration in Organizational Leadership or concentration in HR Management
    MLS Concentration in Organizational Leadership - Fort Hays State University
    MLS Concentration in Human Resource Management - Fort Hays State University
  3. Randell1234

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    Getting a BS just does not make sense. Why not a graduate certificate? Harvard has their grad certificate in Management for about $10K. You could pick from many available for a few grand. This one is something that looks pretty cool - Certificate: Consumer Psychology | The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  4. Maniac Craniac

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    WNMU's tuition will increase significantly for out of state students shortly.
  5. dlcurious

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    I don't know if I see the point in getting a BS in accounting if you're not considering the CPA route. From my understanding of the accounting field, you won't go anywhere unless you are a CPA, unless you want to do accounting specialist / payroll clerk type stuff, in which case your MBA makes you overqualified.
  6. FJD

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    Do you have any news on this? I know whether to take away the out of state waiver was being debated by the NM legislature, but I can't seems to find much information about it on the web. Unless I'm missing it, WMNU's site doesn't make any mention of it, but it looks like their rates have increased, but only slightly. If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  7. jobee

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    I'm actually considering the same thing. My MBA will be done in June 2012, and I am not sure what I want to do to enhance my educational experiences. I have thought of the 2nd Bachelors in Science and Mathematics from TESC, and also a second Masters in HR or Professional Development.

    Maybe i'll finish the 2nd bachelors during my free time over the next year, and think about what is next when I get there.
  8. Sauron

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    Personally I would get a MS in Accounting if I had a general MBA but is Accounting something that really interests you? I would hope that your MBA program would be sufficient for your employment goals but what would accounting add that you think would be missing?
  9. ryoder

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    Get a CAGS at NCU. They transfer into the PhD program and are only available to students with a masters.
    You can do a CAGS cert in financial management by completing 6 7000 level courses in finance. I think that would be a better use of time but then again I am also working on a second bachelors at TESC in Natural Science just for fun while doing the MBA at NCU.

    Northcentral University Catalog - January 2011
  10. Randell1234

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    I never realized NCUs MEd is only $14K. That is not too bad.
  11. Michael

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    Didn't you plan to enroll in the MA in Theological Studies at Southwestern College last Fall? What happened with that?

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