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    Hi friends, I'm Dan and this is my first post.

    I'd like to talk about deciding on a distance learning degree in Creative Writing or English. I live in an isolated part of the Midwest; had to move here years ago to take my current job, so I can't move away to attend a "traditional" university.

    After two years at community college I attended Southern New Hampshire University online and earned a BA in English/Creative Writing. Now I'd like to earn a Master's in English or Creative Writing, but I need help deciding which school to choose...or if I should even attend at all.

    I've been looking at University of Texas--El Paso and Western New Mexico University. Both offer online Writing degrees.

    I went from community college to an online BA program...and I'm worried that getting a grad degree online is going to affect me negatively in the future. I'm concerned that when the time for vertical movement comes, my education choices (almost all online, and at little-known schools like Western New Mexico) will look poorly.

    Am I worrying too much and overthinking this? I feel like if the choice comes down to applicants with "traditional" degrees from "popular" schools and me (with all online degrees from lesser-known schools), the decision will definitely not be in my favor...

    I earned 4.0 GPAs at community college and SNHU. I work very hard and I want to earn a Master's. Am I selling myself short and hurting my future by looking at schools like WMNU--schools that might give the impression I'm taking the "easy way out" and not a hard worker, or not dedicated to success?

    Can anyone recommend a course of action? I can't leave my job, and the odds of finding a similar one elsewhere are low. Is getting a grad degree from a small, mediocre school like WNMU, or even a better school like UTEP, worth the time and expense?

    Thanks much, sorry for the prolix post,

    Dan Z.
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    I've heard good things about WNMU.
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    Do you want the degree for your current employment future, or to teach, or for personal edification? The reason for getting the degree may affect which school is best for you.
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    At least two members of earned degrees from WNMU - I doubt that any of them would call WNMU mediocre.

    WNMU is a B&M university and most of the students are not distance learners.

    Whether earning a degree there or at any school is worth the time and expense the only person who can answer that is yourself.
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    Between the two universities you’ve mentioned (UTEP or WNMU) and if solely basing a decision on brand name recognition; then, I would go with UTEP.

    Some additional programs you might too consider:

    University of Edinburgh (UK): MSc creative writing (online)
    Overview | MSc in Creative Writing by Online Learning | English Literature

    University of British Columbia (CAN): Optional-Residency MFA creative writing
    The Creative Writing Program at UBC: Prospective Students - MFA - Optional Residency - About

    Lindenwood University: MFA writing
    Lindenwood University - Online Programs - MFA - Writing

    Mercy College: MA English Literature

    Fairleigh Dickinson University: MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators (program requires one 3-day residency in late June).
    MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators: Overview

    University College Falmouth (UK): MA Professional Writing
    Professional Writing MA (full-time & part-time online) - University College Falmouth
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    Thanks for this! UAM is just a few hours from me.

    If I ever get a full-time income again, I intend to still pursue a graduate degree. For creative writing, my choices would be Lindenwood and this school, UAM.
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    It's a great find!

    Love the name of their sports teams -- the Boll Weevils! :)
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