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    It seems next to impossible to find a good online master's degree in Political Science. I know about Virginia Tech, but I will be honest, Im quite nervous about taking the GRE. I mean, I will if I have to, but I'd rather not if possible. Anyone know of any online Political Science grad degrees that dont require the GRE? Or at least, if they do require it, they might be a bit less pricey than VT.
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    Hi NMTTD, there are a plenty of options out there. Programs from such great schools as Virginia Tech, University of Denver, USC, Northwestern, APU/AMU, Norwich University and many more. However, as you point out, most require the GRE. In all honesty, do not be afraid of the GRE, it amazes me to see so many people write off schools solely on the GRE requirement alone. Bear in mind that most respectable programs will require some sort of entrance exam, be it the GRE/GMAT or MAT. Furthermore, there are plenty of study guides available online that could help you tackle the GRE, there are practice exams as well. My point, do not be afraid of the GRE. It is possible to request GRE waivers as well, most schools will waive this requirement if you have a high GPA, usually higher than 3.00, or if you already hold a masters/professional degree along with plenty of work experience.
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    I've been drooling over the VT program, but the math part of the GRE really scares me. Math and I are bitter enemies. I am really good at just about everything else, but math is the one subject that makes me look and feel like an idiot. lol I'm a sophomore right now with a 3.88 gpa. Hoping to be able to graduate with a 3.70 or higher, but again, math may kick me down a bit. Anyway, thanks for the response!!
  4. I am assuming on a quick read that you are in the U.S. If you are prepared to consider Australian universities, I can strongly recommend the University of New England. There are no issues about accreditation and there is no stigma attached to distance education here. There is also no GRE (I hope that is the right term).

    UNE has a Master of Arts available in many fields including political science. I have actually done a Master of Letters in Politics externally from there, but that particular course is no longer offered.

    Here is the link Master of Arts - UNE - Course and Unit Catalogue 2012
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    As I remember it, the GRE math portion was mostly geometry and had no higher math questions. Nevertheless, the torments awaiting you in the master's program are far worse than anything the GRE can dish out. Seriously, buy a GRE study guide like Barrons, take some practice tests and you'll lose your fear of the GRE math section.
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    Yes, Im in the US. I will have to look into this college. I think it would be a huge boon to have a degree from abroad. I want to work with the international community or State Department, so I think that could only be a plus.
  7. NMTTD

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    I think I will definitely look into a GRE study guide. If I can get through the math portion, I know I'll be ok with everything else. Thanks!!
  8. NMTTD

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    University of Denver doesnt offer an online Poli Sci masters degree. Here's what they offer: Master's degrees online University of Denver, University College
  9. SurfDoctor

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    Yes, the GRE is not as scary as you might think. The Barrons book should do the trick for you.
  10. NMTTD

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    I looked at a few samples of the math part of it online, and as soon as they started asking about heptagons and quadrilateral whatevers, I just closed it out. There's no way I can pass it if that stuff is on there. No way at all.
  11. major56

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    Ball State: MA in Political Science
    Ball State University - Master of Arts in Political Science

    University of Nebraska-Omaha: MS in Political Science
    UNO | Political Science | Graduate Students

    University of Edinburgh: MSc in International Political Theory / MSc in International and European Politics
    MSc in International Political Theory | Taught Masters Programmes | Prospective Students | Graduate School | School of Social and Political Science

    MSc in International and European Politics | Taught Masters Programmes | Prospective Students | Graduate School | School of Social and Political Science

    University of London International Programmes (academic direction provided by The London School of Economics and Political Science /LSE): Diploma for Graduates in Politics (“…£1,341 if you complete in the minimum study period.”)
    Diploma for Graduates in Politics | University of London International Programmes

    Fort Hays State: M.L.S. in Political Science
    Concentration in Political Science - Fort Hays State University

    Fort Hays State: M.L.S. in Political Leadership and Public Service
    Concentration in Political Leadership and Public Service - Fort Hays State University

    Western New Mexico: M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Political Science concentration)
    Virtual Campus - Online Programs
  12. NMTTD

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    Do these require the GRE? Because Im definitely looking to avoid it.
  13. Shawn Ambrose

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    According to your sig line, you are graduating in 2015. You have a couple of years to prepare for the GRE. If you opened up the Barron's book and was intimidated by the Math, you need to find where your "start point" is in Math, and begin preparation, whether it be through Independent Study, tutoring, or classes at ASU.

    When I went back to school for my MBA, I struggled with math as well. I was asked to enroll in a College Algebra class before I would be admitted to the MBA program. I struggled quite a bit, but went to the tutoring center 2 - 3 times a week until I "got it." You can do the same. Put yourself in the best situation for grad school, and your career. Don't let the GRE scare you.

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