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    Freie Universitat Berlin is accepting applications for their two English language online graduate programs: Master of International Relations and Master of Eastern European Studies. The deadline is April 30. Both programs are entirely in English. FU Berlin is consistently ranked as one the three top universities in Germany and in the top 25 in the world. Four Nobel Laureates either teach, or have taught, at the university

    I am an alumnus of FU Berlin with a MA in Eastern European Studies. It was a great program with excellent instructors (Stanford, London School of Economics and Cambridge) and the one-week residencies are designed to give you the maximum exposure to Berlin. I met with government ministers in the Reichstag, attended receptions at embassies in Berlin and was a guest at private museum tours. Berlin is surprisingly cheap for a European city and the airfare is lower cost from the U.S. than to many other EU destinations. The school assists with accommodations, I stayed in very nice, low cost university housing near the school (former U.S. Officers Club). For Cold War history fans, the school is located in the former American Sector and near the school you can see houses, clubs and offices of major German and American figures from 1937-89.

    While this program is delivered online, there are four required five-day residencies. The workload for the program is substantial. I was able to finish in two years while working fulltime; however, this is a program of an elite German university – so be prepared. Of my class of 18, only three were from the United States, so this is a true international program.

    East European Studies Online: International MA via E-learning
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    Thanks for posting this. One of my coworkers is looking at the GMAP program at the Fletcher School at Tufts, this would be a solid backup. I'll make her aware of it.
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    Good point - the price is lower than either the GMAP program or the MSt in International Relations at Cambridge. Having been to school in Cambridge (HKS 93) I prefer Berlin - I'll take a currywurst anytime over a hot dog from the Tastee.

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