Online Degree Folks That Are Web Cam Shy

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    I took a bunch of IT cert exams with Pearson Vue. I have to submit pictures of my ID and pics of the area surrounding my laptop to prove it’s empty of materials. They don’t ask to pan the whole room. Their On Vue software simply checks for open programs on the laptop. When I took my CEH with Proctor U, I remember them asking to download their software that “took over” my laptop. I haven’t bothered with them since. Although now I might, since they’re the preferred online vendor for my next program. ughh!
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    I could not agree with you more. My current distance education course, International Judo Federation Academy - Undergraduate Certificate as a Judo instructor, has many after-module exams. The after-module exams are just prerequisites for the Practical phase. they have no relevance to the final mark, other than getting the student admitted to the practical phase. Very strict criteria must be met while taking the online exam. The system will take five pictures of the student during the exam. Each must match the student's official profile picture on file. I have had three of my after-module exams invalidated for my photograph not complying with the rules, including one that was invalidated because both of my ears were not visible in the frame. Thank god, I only have a few more of the after-module exams remaining. When taking the exams now more than half of my concentration is used just trying to stay in compliance with the camera/photograph rules criteria.
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    I mean is all that really necessary? ☹️
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