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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Bruce, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Bruce

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    Interested people should still check the Chronicle jobs section and HigherEdJobs, but this is an interesting "clearinghouse" for teaching positions;
  2. AV8R

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    Very interesting...thanks for the link.
  3. peng88

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    Re: Reckless Competition for Teaching Positions

    It is this outsourcing by British universities that are providing American universities with the greatest competition at low cost after all they are making use of sweat shop labour. Further, it is also cheaper to set up operations in emerging markets using local talent to undercut established universities elsewhere.

    The lack of quality controls and the freedom to set up universities in the developed world be it accredited or not is also disturbing. If banks were not checked then how do educational establishments tow the line? The most complex systems in our world were not regulated and thus even academia is not immune to such negative symptoms of recklessness. One Ivy League business school lost 9 Billion USD which I guess explains so much about their syllabus in Finance which I dare not subscribe to if there is anything to go by.

    The world of management education and education in general has to be re-looked and not thought of as an off the cuff after dinner subject. It is time academia were more accountable, professional and made responsible to some extent in the way they contribute in moulding minds that corrupt or are their for the good of humankind.
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  4. patham19

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    Seeking Adjunct position in HR

    I'm seeking an online adjunct facilitator position in HR? Where might I go to find online jobs in that area?
  5. lilseth

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    thanks for the link...
  6. mereincarnated

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    Online Adjunct for Education Majors

    Would like to find a part-time (adjunct) online teaching position for one of the following fields...Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, ESOL, or Education Leadership...any suggestions? I am not concerned so much about the pay...
  7. canadajoe

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    I am looking to also teach in an online environment. I have over 7 years of pt teaching experience including online teaching in Canada.
  8. jack705

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    I am in search of online English Teaching Job. I have been teaching this language since last three years.
  9. Cyber

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    I just graduated and also looking in the area of IT management. For English teaching jobs, I think Columbia Southern University may have something for you if the institution's accreditation is not an issue for you.
  10. heybert

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    I am new to this. I teach as an adjunct at a community college and at a high school. I want to start working from the home. I was a computer engineer for 20 years until I lost my job, so now I teach math. I think online is the direction to head. I am getting tired of the "no consequence" in the high school and the way I am treated. I could use some advice. I have an interview for an online high school, but need to supplement my pay.
  11. fringedgentian

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    Hello, has a job board that lists open positions for dozens of online educator jobs:

    Online Education Jobs - Positions Available |

    I didn't. see this anywhere and thought it could save you all a ton of time researching each individual school.
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    Wow. Thanks for sharing.
  14. jaypatt

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    Also check out the Babb Group's "Make a Living Teaching Online" group:

    OnlineTeachingJobs : Make a Living Teaching Online

    Dr. Dani Babb, the co-author of "Make Money Teaching Online", has introduced this forum to share ideas, tips, schools, and anything related to online teaching. You may be able to find job openings that members know about or info on seminars that teach you how to find jobs as an adjunct or full time teacher.

    Good luck!
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  16. Paidagogos

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    Great Web site! Hope it continues to stay updated!
  17. edwardlynch

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    hi? what are the qualification to be hire in an online teaching job? do I need to be a education graduate? or something like that?
  18. Bruce

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    A Master's degree plus 18 graduate credit hours in the subject you want to teach.
  19. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    I'm not qualified thank you for the information.
  20. ariannehowell

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    Online job is really great since we can manage our time even in our house. Thanks for sharing the links and it will help others to find the online work for them.

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