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    So I really want to get an online accounting or finance degree. I already have my Associates Degree. I don't want the whole online thing to stop me from being able to get into a great grad program (this will need to be online as well), and I will probably want to take the CPA exam. I will also want to get a really good job as well

    For some reason, I am kinda concerned about the diploma and transcripts and what they say on them. I have been in contact with CSU Global (Colorado State University), but from what I understand their diploma does say that it is from their Global campus.

    Are there other options besides CSU & what are your thoughts on them? I just really need as much info as possible so I can make a good decision. I am not really worried about cost, or how long it will take. I just want a really great degree and to be able to get it online.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    As there are many online accounting degrees offered in addition to CSU; however, if the CPA credential is what you’re ultimately seeking –check first with your state board of accountancy for its specific academic requirements. Some states require accounting degrees awarded by perspective b-schools have, in addition to the college /university’s regional accreditation –likewise programmatic accreditation (e.g., AACSB or ACBSP) can be required. Also, some states will limit the number of accounting courses that can be acquired through DL.

    What state do you reside?
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    I live in Colorado. From what I could tell, the institution does need to be accredited, but the rules don't say anything about online classes. The CPA exam is important to me, but more importantly is the quality of the school, and the way the school would be perceived to an employer.

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    In public accounting, a CPA license will usually trump the reputation of your alma mater, and this becomes even more true when you start collecting work experience in the industry.
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    If you can accelerate completing the baccalaureate degree requirements; this may be of interest…

    “Students interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant should be aware that most states now require 150 credits to be licensed as a CPA; in Colorado, this requirement will be effective as of July 1, 2015.”
    Accounting — Western State Colorado University

    In addition to CSU-Global and Colorado based:

    Adams State University: online B.A. or B.S. in Business Admn. with emphasis in accounting
    Online Degree - School of Business

    Metropolitan State University of Denver: B.S. Accounting
    Undergraduate | Department of Accounting | MSU Denver
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    I keep getting contacted by UAB. (Alabama), I guess because I completed a web form. Its AACSB, however, to do it would take away from research.
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    I recently completed my AA in Accounting at a near by community college. I'm currently looking into Bachelor's programs in Accounting. I've narrowed my search down to Regis and CSU Global.

    My state (CA) requires that the institution be regionally accredited. Applicants must also have a certain number of credits in specific courses.
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    It appears Massachusetts will allow both RA and NA degree holders to sit for that state's CPA exam: Exam Regulations » Cpa Exam » . No residency requirement and 9 hours of specific business courses and 21 hours of specific accounting courses are required. Very interesting.

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