OMG Textbook Scams!

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  1. mintaru

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    There MUST be a textkook cartel in the US!

    If I may throw in my two cents, from my German perspective it's simply impossible that there isn't a textkook cartel in the US! Here is why:

    I'm sure it is virtually unknown in the US that book price fixing is very common in continental Europe. Wikipedia has an article about it: Fixed book price agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In some countries, like France and Germany, it is even required by law. This means a publisher must fix the prices of his books!

    This should lead to higher prices for books in these countries, and it does - but not in the case of textbooks! Textbooks are quite expensive in Germany, but they are still cheaper than in the US. In a few cases that's even true for German translations of US textbooks.

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  2. Ian Anderson

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    There was an article in my local paper a few days ago on free or low priced text books that in many cases can substitute for designated course texts. They referenced
    However on looking though their listings I did not see any free ones; most seemed to be $19.
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    Ahhh, this gives me so much more reason to love the degree program that I am in. Texts are pretty much not required.

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