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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by kobeb, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. kobeb

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    Hello all,

    Anyone out there have any experience with Norwich Univeristy's Master of Science in Information Assurance? Pros/Cons?

  2. scubasteveiu

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    I really like the program. They have a very strong name among the IA / NS programs... also in the eyes of the NSA.

    Here is the guy who runs the show
    He name is Dr. Kabay, I actually spoke to him on the phone, very nice and intelligent man.

    I have never taken a class from Norwich, although I would in a heartbeat (I instead choose to do the Capitol program).
    If you look at their program it is very unique. You have modules, graduate in 18 months, have high level of interaction between Norwich, the student and their employers and end the program with a wonderful residency in the summer. It's truly a unique program.
    Also, their professors are some of the big wheels in today's infosec / IA world
    (Stephenson, Kabay).

    The one downside would have to be the cost. I don't have the most recent information, but I think the MSIA was around $24 K.... This is probably the only downside. One other mention, this is more of a management / slightly less technical track, it just depends on what you want. During this program you almost take the role of security advisor / auditor for your company, then report back to Norwich in the form of a paper.

    Take a look at this page
    It will show you all of the other NSA CEA schools. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help. I spent around two years doing research on these schools before I finally picked one for myself.
  3. kobeb

    kobeb New Member

    Thank you for your inputs...

    I looked at the program intensively and found it to be more on the management side as well. I'm going to press with my MBA and work on the CISSP on the side (time permitting off course).

    Thanks again...


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