Northcentral University: New facility

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    stumbled over this on the internet: interesting. It's just a notice on the Browning Moore Associate's site (Architects).


    BMA Awarded Northcentral University Campus
    Prescott Valley, AZ - One of the leading distance learning institutions in the world has selected BMA to master plan and design some 300,000 square feet of adminstrative and learning buildings for its new 45-acre campus in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

    "We hope to break ground for our new campus by the first of next year. What is sure to be a beautiful new facility will give us ample room to service our increasing enrollment, and will allow us to grow not only in faculty and staff, but to expand our programs as well," said President and CEO Dr. Donald Hecht.

    Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Northcentral University offers adult degree programs from the bachelor's through the doctorate level in an online format.
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    new buildings

    I am on the faculty and at a recent meeting we were told the school is starting construction of a 50,000 sq ft building soon and later a second one will be built. Presently, the school is in a 10,000 sq ft building. The enrollment is over 1,700 students.
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    New building sounds great!

    Yea, I'm a developer myself. That an architect would over represent the size of their upcomng job is no surprise.

    I wondered how many student NCU was up to. Looks like a strong growth rate.

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