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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Aug 8, 2017.

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    I'm not sure that anything can be done any at this late date, at acceptable cost anyway. And the longer we procrastinate, the more dangerous things will become.

    Military action should have been taken when we knew the Norks were pursuing nukes but before they had them. Now we are at perhaps the last cusp, where they can still be hit before they roll out armed-and-functional ICBMs. But they probably already have the ability to nuke Seoul. That's a high a price to pay, so I expect lots of bluster but nothing effective being done. Things will only get worse.
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    Kizmet, per Kim Jong Un's agreement with President Trump, North Korea repatriated all of the American dead back to the United States. However, here is even better news: North Korea is ready to allow international inspectors to inspect the Punggye-ri site for evidence of de-nuclearization. o_O
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    Ah, a thread that includes a post from the long-forgotten me again. Kizmet wondered in another thread when me again's temporary banning would end. As best as I could calculate at the time, he posted the offensive message that did him in on October 11th. He then posted five more messages to a different single thread the following day, then he disappeared. So it would be reasonable to assume that his 30-day banning began on October 12, exactly one month ago today (31 days ago to be exact). That would mean that the door is now presumably open for him to stage a comeback. Or, as Norma Desmond said in Sunset Boulevard, "It's not a comeback, it's a return." :D

    So now is the time, kids, to be the first on your block to speculate whether me again will return to once again raise his right wing in song, or return to take a more laid back approach that does not attempt to instigate or alienate. Or, will he do a Rich Douglas and sink his head into the ground, never again to grace us with his presence (which, like Rich, would be a loss, since me again does have a fairly good knowledge of non-traditional higher education).
    The new clock begins to tick . . . :emoji_alarm_clock:
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    Tick tock, tick tock
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    You obviously haven't forgotten him, since his having posted something on this thread a month ago is an occasion for another bit of your trolling now.

    I'm challenging you to write something intelligent and thoughtful about the subject of North Korea. Can you do that? Do you have the ability to think about more abstract issues any longer, or is it all sadism and personalities with you now?

    How do you think events on the Korean peninsula might unfold in the future? What do you think should be done now?

    He was no more a provocateur than Abner and Kizmet herself. They regularly start left-political threads espousing their own perspective. (The only difference is that you agree with them.)

    And he's no more a provocateur than you are. Witness this latest post of yours and all of your posts in recent years.

    Back in the A.E.D. days (when you had that Snoopy thing going) you were smart and acerbic. Today the smart is gone and all that's left is the acerbic, which has gradually blown up into full-frontal bullying.
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    (Chill out, Heirophant. I don't kiss ass when it comes to anonymous trolls.) :D

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