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    I am looking for a school that offers a 100% online engineering degree in the electronics field, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology degree (BSEET) would probably be my first choice, but I am not positive yet.

    I would also be interested in an engineering degree in the aviation field. I have looked at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, they have a few degrees that interest me, but none of them are offered online.

    I would like the school to be 100% online with no proctored tests. The school needs to be accredited.

    Do you have any recommendations for schools?

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    I had searched this program many years before I started my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Yes, there are many school offer Engineering degrees online; however, with NO PROCTOR exam option is impossible. Even though, Grantham University and California National University require proctored exam. Remember they are accredited by national body (DETC); if you are looking for ABET schools, then there are lot of requirements.

    For your case, you should choose Excelsior College. Most of the general education can complete through examination, and etc.

    "Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
    The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology graduate is typically employed as an electronics technologist with responsibilities including product design and development, manufacturing, field engineering, systems supervision, and quality assurance.

    This degree program requires 124 semester hours of credit, including at least 60 credits in the arts and sciences component and at least 48 credits in the electronics engineering technology component. Flexibility in program design is possible by virtue of your choice of free electives."

    Excelsior College - Regional & ABET.

    Also, Thomas Edison State College offers Bachelor of Applied Science & Technology (BAST) in Electronic Engineering

    There are many well known school offers this degree; such as Old Dominion University (Virginia).

    You need to do a search in this forum, there are lot of dicussion threads about this degree.

    Good Luck!
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    What kind of accreditation? National? Regional? ABET?

    In the fields of engineering and engineering technology, ABET accreditation is the most respected. But I doubt ABET would accredit a program in either field that was fully online, without supervised labs or proctored exams.

    The Excelsior BSEET is ABET accredited, but it is not 100% online. See the FAQs:

    The Thomas Edison program may be more flexible, but it is not ABET accredited.
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    Look at Columbia, Stanford and Norwich for top programs. Expensive YES! But all three are top notch schools. No exams? Good Luck.
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    Excelsior also has a bachelors of science in technology which isn't ABET accredited, but doesn't require a lot of lab work like the engineering technology program.

    This MAY be a bit easier to complete mostly online, but I doubt you will find much upper level course work that won't require some type of supervised exam.

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