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    NFA course Q534 is not ace accredited but have read that TESC accepts it, Iam starting to get into an argument here with the registrar office. I sent them a copy of my NFA certificates and was told they needed to be on an ace transcript, the 2 that are approved for credit fine; but how in the heck do I get Q534 for credit? ?
  2. johnp

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    Please someone anyone.

    I know people have added this, help me please! ! !
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    Call the NFA and ask them to mail your NFA student transcript to the school. Unlike FEMA's EMI, the transcript request form is not on their web page. I could go into more detail here, but I doubt anyone cares about the complexities of the FEMA transcript system.

    They will mail the transcript to TESC, and once it is evaluated, you should receive credit for EDM-390.
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    Much Thanks !!
  5. johnp

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    Just wanted to let everyone know, after much arguing with TESC they told me they don't accept this course.
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    Can you tell us more? They have been accepting this course for years, and I don't see why they would decide to stop now.

  7. johnp

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    Sure, I talked to the registar for about a week and she just kept saying it need to be on an ACE transcript, I said while who can I speak with to clear this up, got transferred to an admissions counsler. Very nice woman helpful, I told her how many people have told me they've been awarded credit for it. I refered her to this board and walked her thru some of the posts by Michael Gates, and she said she'd look into it. I also mentioned to her how on TESC list of accepted FEMAs they list IS-534, and told her how FEMA has never had a course with that number and how that might be a "typo" on their end, whoever put that list together knew that they accepted NFA-534, and assumed it was a FEMA course.

    She got back to me about a week later and said the person who evaluates the courses to determine credit, said that they wont give credit, and she had no idea why anyone had been awarded credit in the past.

    Edit: And if I wanted I could do a prior knowledge learning assessment, which included a 15 page paper or something I thought I'd like to get the credit but realistically I completed NFA-534 in 10 mins. and couldnt justifiy spending hours writing a 15 page paper

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    Quick question for clarification.... Were you having this evaluated as a "new student" or for a "credit bank" transcript? While I don't see why it would make a difference, I suspect that they are more lenient on the credit bank student that on the credit assessment for a new student.

    I received credit for this course along with three others from the NFA. Of the four total, only two were on my ACE transcript. Now I sent on all of my transcripts as part of a credit bank. I don't plan to declare my status as a student until April of 2011. Having a credit bank seemed to be a good move for me.

    I had a great deal of issue with TESC and some of my other ACE credits. It took me weeks to resolve.

  9. johnp

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    I have a credit bank, Iam going in the army in a month so I won't be decalring for awhile. When did you send the NFA courses to tesc? If it's recent maybe I have a little more fuel for the fire. I just don't get it, from what I've read here at least 10ish people have stated they received credit for nfa-534. ::sigh:: Story of my life!

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