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  1. Pilot

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    I stumbled upon this site; it is similar to VESI as they offer courses for teachers in the following subjects, psychology sociology , history , political science etc..
    Apparently letter grades and graduate semester credits are awarded, this program if offered through California State University, Monterey Bay . Terms & Conditions | ACT
    The cost is only $110 per credit it almost seems too good to be true…
    They currently have a special at $99.00 per credit.
    Has anyone used them in the past? If yes were you able to transfer the credits?
  2. Pilot

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    Editure Acquires Enhancement Courses and Advancement Courses for Teachers
    Read on: Editure Acquires Enhancement Courses and Advancement Courses for Teachers | Editure Professional Development
    Same Prrice/Same program/different classes...
    Enhancement Courses® are offered in cooperation with Loyola Marymount University Extension. Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is a comprehensive Jesuit university located in Los Angeles, California and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  3. rmm0484

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    Pilot, that is a great find!

    However, I would not want some of those course titles to be on any transcript that I would send out...

    e.g., "why is [email protected] fun?" "Why dogs never lie" and "The inner life of dogs."
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  4. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    However with so many courses to choose from in so many areas, one would have no problem finding a course that fits the bill.
    Between the two institutions they "offer more than 550 accredited courses for teachers in a wide variety of topics."
    If these courses are indeed transferable that would be a total game changer:
    Here is a small sample:

    Art of the Seattle Area
    Art through the Ages
    Chicago: Art in the Windy City
    Emily Carr: Artist and Writer
    Hispanic Artists
    Integrating the Internet into the Art Classroom
    New York Live!
    New York Skyline
    The Victoria Roots of Emily Carr
    Washington D.C.: Viewing National Art

    Accounting or Number Crunching
    Advertising Magic
    Building Asian Business Bridges
    Business Plan Ad-Ventures
    Entrepreneurs: Builders of America
    On the Edge of Marketing Mix
    What’s A Business Ethic

    Mouth to Minds
    The Words We Speak

    Computers: From Birth to Beyond
    Introduction to WEB 2.0
    MS Office Computer Confidence for Teachers

    Today’s Economy:
    A Return to Depression Economics?

    Foreign Language Lingo

    21st Century Teaching and Learning
    The Beatitudes of Pedagogy
    Differentiated Instruction
    The Dilemma of Teachers: Kids and Drugs
    Educating for Life
    ESL Writing
    Grant Writing Made Simple
    Help for Stressed Teachers
    Helping Students Study
    Hollywood as an Education Tool
    Improving Classroom Instruction
    Instructional Discipline
    K-5 Reading and Writing the Workshop Way
    Middle School Writing Success
    SSR is Always OK
    Student Personality Types in the Classroom
    Successfully Teaching ESL
    Teaching the Latino Student
    Technology Curriculum Integration
    Turning Learning Theory Into Practice
    Virtual Fieldtrips: Cancel that Bus!
    Warm Milk for the New Teacher

    Childhood Obesity
    Eating Can Be Dangerous to Your Health!
    Nutrition Decision

    America’s Treasures: National Parks
    Baltimore’s Inner Harbor
    The Bloody Crusades
    Changing History
    Cheyenne: A Look at the Old West
    Chicago: Its History in Architecture
    Discovering the Louisiana Purchase
    Ellis Island: The Gateway
    The French-Indian War
    Italy’s Amalfi Coast
    Looking at the Middle Ages
    Maui: Beauty Born of Fire
    The Mysterious Maya
    Oahu: History at the Gathering Place
    Pony Express: 19 Months of Glory
    Santa Fe: Historic Capital of New Mexico
    Truman: A Man of His Time
    The Turbulent ‘60’s
    Two Assassinations: Lincoln and Kennedy
    The U.S. Manned Space Program: A History
    Washington D.C.: A Glimpse of Our History

    A Way into Hamlet: For Gifted and AP Kids
    Apocalyptic Visions of Cormac McCarthy
    Beauty of Precise Writing
    Enigma Variations: Exploring Some Novel Mysteries
    Gifted Children I: Literature and Writing
    Gifted Children II: Composition
    Gifted Children III: Short Story Engagements
    Gifted Children IV: Telling the Truth in Slant
    Gifted Children V: War and Peace
    Grammar: Eliminating Noise
    Great American Authors
    Hemingway: A Brief Introduction
    The Holocaust and the Poetics of Indirection
    Learning From the Lyric Poem
    Learning From the Lyric Poem-Part II
    Literature and Social Criticism
    Moments of Truth and Beauty
    Oh! The Qualities of Beautiful Writing
    Poetry: CSI
    Still Places In a Loud and Turning World
    Teaching Poetry
    Walden Pondering
    Whitman and Springsteen: Self, Brotherhood and Ideal America

    Middle School Math Success
    NCTM Standards-Based
    The Web World of Math

    Getting Kids Hooked on Jazz
    The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll
    Musical Instruments

    Aristotle Lives in Philosophy

    The American Political System
    Evolving American Socialism
    The Iraq War: An Insider’s Look

    The Anatomy of Gangs
    Autism: The Hidden Problem
    Bullying in Schools
    Contemporary Classroom Discipline
    The Elemental Teacher:
    What Makes Them Extraordinary
    Gang Recognition and Behavior
    The Growing Menace of Girl Bullies
    Managing Difficult Parents
    School Violence and Gang Prevention
    Teachers Are People, Too!
    The Utilization of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
    What a Character: Theories of Personalities
    Why Dogs Never Lie
    Why Is Sex Fun?

    An Intro to Oceanography
    Asteroids, Comets and Meteors: Bringers of Life?
    Astrobiology: Extraterrestrial Life
    The Awesome Power of Volcanoes
    Biodiesel Power: Will It Work?
    Bioterrorism: End of Civilization?
    The Blue Whale: Bigger Than Dinosaurs
    Climate Change: Is Global Warming Real?
    Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Educational Tool
    Earth: Two Million Years From Now
    Eternity and Beyond
    Global Cooling: A Heated Debate
    The Great Barrier Reefs
    Hyperspace, Strings and Wormholes
    K-8 Standards-Based Science
    March of the Penguins
    Meet KoKo and Talk With Her
    Meteorology: Weather Forecasting
    Mummies, Eggs & Dinosaurs
    Nature and the Environment
    The Neanderthal: His Fate and Facts
    New Age of Discovery: Planetary Explorers
    Oahu: The Land Above and Below
    Our Vanishing Wildlife
    Rainforests: Are They Doomed?
    Resources for Secondary Science
    Robots and You: Where It’s Headed
    The Scientific Method
    The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
    Severe Weather: Nature’s Killers
    Teaching About Animals, A to Zoo
    That Big Rock: Earth Geology
    This Amazing Planet Earth
    The Vast Universe of the Ocean
    The Web on U.S. Geography
    World Geography According to the WEB
    The World of Insects
    Your Rocky Road: Geology of the U.S

    A Blind Path Forward
    Afghanistan: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle
    Dogs and Man: The Enduring Friendship
    Educating Deeply:
    Essential Acts of the Humanities Teacher
    Is It Easy Being Green? Living Green, That Is
    Making K-8 Social Studies Come Alive
    Remarkable New Hampshire
    Saving our National Parks
    Southwest Sidetrips
    The Vatican from the Inside
    What Happens When the Oil Runs Out?
  5. jobee

    jobee Member

    I was looking at the requirements for most of these courses. It appears that you are creating lesson plans for each subject? Does that sound accurate? I am not a teacher so I guess I would have to improvise. I can call them up next week to find out what work is required and the expected (or minimum) amount of time it will take to complete.
  6. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    Great! Thank you..
    Please let me know how it goes..
    While you are at it can you please check, if these courses can be transferred to a masters degree at other institutions?
    I look forward to your update..
  7. jra

    jra Member

    I took the time to call the company ( and asked them how are the credits transcripted and they called me back. They told me that they were NOT CEU's they were actual graduate credit in the SEMESTER system. (Many California colleges are in the quarter-system for that reason I wanted to double check).

    The courses receive a letter grade, not just a pass fail. The nice lady also told me that the courses say something like Extension School and she told me that if I had taken a class in the Engineering school, it would say Engineering school next to the course.

    She also told me that somewhere in the transcript it was said that those classes were not accepted for a graduate program at CSU-MB. She failed to tell me if there was previous experience transferring the credit somewhere else. She also didn't know if there was a GPA calculation on the transcript.

    I think from my personal experience with TESC via my disciple Ace King, that they will take the classes, unless CSU-MB writes something weird of stupid on the transcript that would have the receiving school raise a red flag.

    TESC initially didn't want to take St Catherines classes via VESI because they were part of their continuing education program, which made the advisor confuse them with Continuing Education Credits.. so I told Mr Ace King to appeal and his request was granted. Tesc called St Catherines to verify that the classes were for semester credit and had a letter grade and God Bless America... the advisor reversed her decision and approved the classes.

    He needed Social Science credit and if I am not wrong one of his classes was transcripted as SOS the other as SOC and the last one as PSY.

    Now, I am not a TESC student and I can't request approval for any of these classes. I am an EC student but my liberal arts component is already full so they won't approve any of these classes as part of my general educations and free electives.. I am only short of upper level business classes.

    So.. if some people that are currently studying with the Big 3 could request approval for these classes it would be really interesting. There might be some appeal to do as with Vesi/St Catherines and TESC but the benefit for the community will be immense.

    Anybody up for the challenge?
  8. IrishJohn

    IrishJohn New Member

    I spoke to ACT today and was told that these courses are like CEUs and although graduate level were not eligible for master's degree programs, either at CSUMB or likely anywhere else. I really don't know what to think about this...
  9. major56

    major56 Active Member

    “Many PBS TeacherLine courses offer learners the opportunity to earn graduate credits.” Graduate credit awarded via these credit-granting institutions:

    • Adams State University
    • Indiana University
    • Northwest Nazarene University
    • Madonna University
    Central Michigan University
    • University of Missouri - Kansas City
    • University of Central Missouri
    • Washburn University
    • University of Sioux Falls
    • James Madison University
    • Boise State University
    • Sierra Nevada College
    • Morningside College

    Earn Graduate Credit : PBS TeacherLine
  10. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    I'd like to unravel this ACT problem too. I know Irish and I are talking about it elsewhere, but I think this board is the best resource for getting to the truth in the shortest amount of time. I can't figure out how to answer the question of transfer without attempting to transfer. I'm still sitting in the camp that these RA Grad Credits will transfer into the big 3 undergrad as upper level or grad program as grad credit. The fact that they are issued through the continuing ed college doesn't matter - the entire purpose of these credits is for a teacher's pay raise- so I don't believe that they are indicated as CEUs, I believe they are genuine credit courses.

    I wish I had $300 to figure this out. Oh, and wasn't starting my own 12 credit grad semester tomorrow.
  11. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    I suppose my question would be involving the ability to use those credits to go towards the 18 hours needed to teach something at the community college level. I wonder if they'd count. When I looked up the History courses, they were labeled EHIS, not just HIS or HIST, so that stood out to me. I wonder if that's because they're Extension, as was previously mentioned.

  12. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    Matt, my Harvard courses all start with "E" (extension) too, and they are fully RA regular grad credits. There ARE instances when I've read restrictions on using E courses inside a grad transfer, but I wouldn't get too excited about that since there are always more restrictions on traditional grad programs anyway. I still think schools like APUS, Amberton, big 3, etc would take these with open arms.
  13. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    I was just curious on if they'd count for teaching purposes. If they do, I'd totally be interested. While I've already got more than the required 18 credits, I only need 15 more to qualify for promotion.

  14. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    Sorry I can't copy/paste but when i tried -twice- i'm getting funky-gibberish?!? So, go into their homepage and click on the "request a catalog" which will allow you to open pdf. It's on the 3rd page "About" section. Seems as if their entire purpose is to help teachers advance their pay scale.
  15. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    From: jra
    " I took the time to call the company ( and asked them how are the credits transcripted and they called me back. They told me that they were NOT CEU's they were actual graduate credit in the SEMESTER system."

    From: IrishJohn
    " I spoke to ACT today and was told that these courses are like CEUs and although graduate level were not eligible for master's degree programs, either at CSUMB or likely anywhere else. I really don't know what to think about this..."

    We are getting mixed answers...
    It seems like we might be missing on a huge opportunity, $99 per Graduate Credit...
    Anyone has any Idea on how to figure this one out; beside having to take a course..
  16. DanielC

    DanielC New Member

    Is that truly an issue? Serious question! I took some classes similarly named when I was 17 and new to university. Will that jeopardize my chances of getting into grad school?
  17. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    Oh, cutesy undergraduate course titles are an American tradition. I wouldn't worry at all.
  18. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    ACT Advancement Courses for Teachers
    I found this thread on degreeforum regarding the courses, but no definite answer yet!
    Does anyone have any idea as to how to figure out if these courses are approved for graduate credits?
    Except taking a course and submitting it for review to a college.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated

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