NEW: Florida State MS-MIS in 2006

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by -kevin-, May 20, 2005.

  1. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

  2. Online Student

    Online Student New Member

    Too bad it requires calculus considering it is MIS and not computer science.
  3. lena00

    lena00 New Member

    It does not require a calculus class, just knowledge of it.

    Knowledge of basic statistical concepts (descriptive statistics, regression and hypothesis testing) and calculus
  4. Online Student

    Online Student New Member

    How? If you can teach yourself calculus in your spare time without taking a class or something?
    "Knowledge of calculus" is vague. If their classes presume prior calculus knowledge and call upon calculus theory and techniques, most people will require taking a class for that.
  5. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    If you have a BA from the College of Business at FSU you are required to have one semester of Calculus for Business Majors. This seems really minor and I would assume that most college/universities are going to require the same.

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