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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by mattbrent, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. mattbrent

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    Howdy folks!

    Yesterday I spoke with an alumni rep for Walden who asked if I would be willing to help promote Walden at various events. I was more than willing to volunteer because I had an excellent experience with the school. We chatted a bit and she asked if I had considered going back and earning another degree. I explained that if I did another degree in education, I would want to earn an additional licensure endorsement, and unfortunately Walden's admin programs did not lead to licensure. That's when she surprised me with exciting news!

    Starting in January Walden will begin to offer an EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration which is a state approved program in Minnesota leading to an administration and supervision endorsement.

    The program is 36 hours, with 6 of those being a part of the internship and field experiences. The program does require 2 four day face to face residencies as well. Tuition is currently set at $720 per semester credit, with a 15% discount off the entire program for those who begin in January.

    I am thrilled about this new program, and for the other educators here, I hope you are too!

  2. gonenomad

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    If you are wanting to gain a principal endorsement, the NASDTEC agreement indicates that Minnesota's license is accepted by Virginia.
  3. mattbrent

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    Virginia pretty much has reciprocity with every other state. The only issues one might run into in administration is that some states have specific endorsements for Elementary Principal, Middle School Principal, High School Principal, Curriculum Head, etc., while Virginia simply has a blanket "Administration & Supervision" endorsement. If someone has "Elementary Principal" for example, they might have to take another course or so to get it fully transfer to Virginia into our "administration & supervision" endorsement.

  4. Dave Wagner

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    Roller coasters are thrilling... Can the announcement of an Ed.S. program be thrilling?
  5. mattbrent

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    Perhaps you should ride a roller coaster. I might lift you out of that overly pessimistic attitude you always seem to display.

    And yes, for someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, access to new programs which will result in licensure additions IS thrilling. To add onto that, it's from my alma mater, which I know makes it credible.

  6. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    Can shilling really be that thrilling?
  7. me again

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    Pot calling kettle!!!! :eek: :cool:
  8. DeterminedAdjunct

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    Thanks Matt.

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