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    The first intake is in September of this year, I'm just waiting for the cost of the program to decide what I'll do. Sounds interesting but it definitely is specific in nature and may not be a good fit for me. Thanks for posting.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    What is an interesting program, should change it to Ph.D in Business Admin. Isn't that the program is similar to University of Wales by RDI? I am not sure, but in the broschure, the document has Laureate Online Education information below. Wondering if LOE is the one providing the education contents.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I just found out that the cost is $53,000.00 on the single payment. Not sure it is available on other payment methods likes the Master programs.
    "DBA - Doctorate of Business Administration
    Single Payment: £35,000 or $53,000

    For other payment methods click here." the CLICK HERE button doesn't work.

    It seems to be the same price with Walden, Capella, and Argosy.

    Now Debate: Liverpool vs Walden vs Capella vs Argosy.
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    Re: Walden, Capella, and Argosy ............... how's their Medical and Law schools? Decent? How about thie 9 nobel prize winning staff? Have they been in existance since 1882??? Do any of these have Royal Charter Status??

    Nuff said. :)

    PS. That's a chunk of money if you aren't completely sold on the specialization of this DBA.
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    I totally agree lumping Liverpool in the same bucket as Capella or Walden does not do Liverpool justice. No one will ever question a Liverpool phd level degree. The one thing I would be wary of is the effort, I spent 2500hrs on my Msc @ Liverpool and I am sure a DBA is twice that....
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    You're kidding, right? Liverpool was founded in 1881.
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    I'ts a fair market price @ 53K, University of Wells is a much better deal @ mid 20K, additionally, DDS at the Labor Market Studies is less than 20K based on the $(pound).
    Also, Charles Darwin was marketing a DBA at 20K (USD) with RDI before UofW
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    2500 hrs? Now you have me wondering ..... it did take a mountain of hours to complete the MBA degree.

    They have a great Dental school as well, but, their shining glory might be their Engineering school, one of the highest ranked in the UK.

    Talk about ranking, they show up around 138th in the world with those popular Times reviews, how does Capella, Walden and NCU et., etc., rank ???

    I suppose we could look at research money, does any of the three mentioned get $ 100's of millions in research money?

    Are they close to Penny Lane?

    FYI - I graduated with the law students, not my first choice as I was slated to graduate and receive my degree with the medical students, damn. Could I have done that at Capella or Walden or ..................... (include 1,000's of names here) ??? Laureate owns Walden and also provides the Masters programs for Liverpool so I guess there is something good by association.
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    No, not enough said, quite likely.

    Liverpool's medical and law schools aren't offering this degree, are they?

    If Tekman's suspicion is right, Liverpool's business school might not be the one offering it either. The Liverpool validation unit might just be trying to leverage their university's prestige into an extra-governmental revenue source by selling a private business (Laureate Online Education in this case) the right to use the university's name.

    If Laureate is the one that's actually offering instruction and research support, then students in this program might not enjoy very much contact with whatever illustrious faculty Liverpool enjoys in business subjects. That's why examining the actual faculty list is going to be very important.

    Prospective doctoral students probably need to inquire into Liverpool's reputation is in various business specialties. (I would guess pretty good in some of them.) Then they will need to carefully examine how this particular program is structured and determine how many of Liverpool's strengths actually carry over to DL students. Who's going to be teaching and advising them? What kind of support will students in remote locations receive? How much of Liverpool's vibrant intellectual life and scholarhip will they have access to and really be able to participate in?

    Prospective students won't know whether this program totally outclasses Arg-sy or Cape--a or whether it's not really much different except for a bait-and-switch name, until the details are considered.
  11. TEKMAN

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    No I am not kidding!!! I was talking about the price tag not the school reputation. Of course, University of Liverpool is out ranked of those cyber schools in the U.S.
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    I know of three individuals who earned their MBA from Liverpool. These individuals were already highly successful. The two main points in their feedback were the high quality of the materials and the caliber of the other students in their groups. All three of them made great connection with high placed individuals. I never did inquire about the faculty but I have this impression their where people who knew more than theories. These people were accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders.
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    Teaching quality...

    I can support that, the quality of instruction at Liverpool was great. The curriculum was developed and is overseen by the university and not by Laureate. The same for the thesis evaluation, it is evaluated and accepted or denied only by the university and its faculty. There is not a single mention of Laureate on my diploma either.......

    For those considering the dba who already have a Liverpool degree, they used to offer alumni discounts of 10 - 20% (can't remember the exact number). It is probably worth checking if this is still available.
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  14. TEKMAN

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    The questions are: Is it University of Liverpool's faculties or Laureate's? What is Laureate's business in the process between buyers (students) and UofLiverpool? Of course, none of the online schools mention "ONLINE" or "DISTANCE" on their transcripts and diplomas. Another thing if you attend University Alliance, all dipoma and transcripts would not mention by University Alliance; but the root institutions (i.e: Florida Institute of Technology, Tulane University, Villanova University, and etc.)
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    I basically spent 25hrs a week for 2 years (50 weeks a year). At that time I had a newborn and a three year old kid at home and a 50 hr work week. The only way I could put in the hours needed was to get up at 4AM every Sunday and work on school stuff till noon. I did this for two years every weekend..... Horrible!....:)

    I think I had 5 outstanding grades and got an A for my thesis as well, which for me was quite an accomplishment knowing how hard the grading is.
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    According to the Times Universities League Ranking Table 2010, Liverpool ranks #28 overall out of 114 in the UK. Very respectable overall ranking. As far as Business Studies ranking by the Times, it places #47 out of 110.

    It is not AACSB, EQUIS or AMBA accredited, so if this is important, Henley or Aston might be a better choice.
  17. DonWoods

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    I am currently enrolled in the MSc Corporate Finance at University of Liverpool.
    The material, the learning effect, the peers and the student suport are great.

    University of Liverpool is one of the well-known UK universities with a long history and a large campus. . There will never be a discussion about the University or the name (compared to Walden, Capella, etc.). Liverpool is responsible for the content of the study. Laureate is "only" the provider that executes the online programmes. Laureate is not mentioned on the degree.

    My student support manager told me some month ago the Liverpool graduates would get a reduction of 20%.

    From my point of view the programme's duration is tendentially long. I agree with preisma the masters programme require a lot of effort! And there you get 180 credit points whereas the DBA consists of 540 points! A lot of work!

    On the other site I wonder why the DBA does not include "standard courses" such as strategic management, financial management, etc. at the beginning of the course, and, whether some credits can be transferred or not.

    I am looking forward to more information!

  18. DonWoods

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    Liverpool is a governmental recognized university. They do not need any accredition for ranking reasons. Honestly, what sounds better:

    - Dr. Don Woods, University of Liverpool
    - Dr. Don Woods, University of Nobody can remember (but, hey, it is accredited!!)


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    Here is some more information on the Liverpool DBA offering, ... including the 20% discount for former UofL graduates:

    The University of Liverpool - Online DBA

    That brings the total cost down to the $ 43,000 mark which is quite good for a school of this prestige. So far, all of my dealings have been with Liverpool and not Laureate, I know from my MBA program that Liverpool controls the content as I had worked with them on several issues in the past.

    Plenty of great posts here, I for one worked extremely hard on my degree, one B+ and the rest where 5 - A+ and 3 - A's so I know what goes into their programs.

    We'll have to see whether I have the staying power to do 4 more years to get the last of my degrees for this life-time!!
  20. DonWoods

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    Hi guys
    Has one of you started with the program?
    Would be great to hear about your first experience!

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