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    I appreciate the comments here that describe the UoP peer assessments. While I sense that each individual class may have a different percentage of professor-only and peer-assessment-only grading, is this the case for both the graduate and undergraduate classes? Or is there any fundamental difference at the graduate level?
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    All undergraduate and graduate courses require assignments that require a peer review/assessment. Usually these are the discussion forum assignments, written assignments, case studies discussions, or programming assignments (if in an IT program).

    The only assignments which are not peer reviewed/assessed are learning journals, quizzes, final exams, and I think the final written assignments in some of the English courses and the capstone level course for the graduate degrees are not peer reviewed/assessed. These assignments are assessed by the instructor of the course. Some courses also contain group projects, which depending on the assignment, may or may not be peer reviewed/assessed.
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    Thanks for Spoony and Skirlet's posts. A few days ago I just dropped the course (economics) in this Term 4 due to too many reading and writing assignments a week. And I need to save my time for other activities.

    That is how I reframed as well, as an adult person who has worked for years, I would let most of that stuff go, except for those extreme ones which I would write to the instructor for a re-assessment.
    I remember when I was taking the foundation course of python, I was lucky to meet a very seasoned Italian programmer classmate. We reviewed each's weekly posts with constructive comments excluding those silly sh*t greetings. But since everyone has his/her own curriculum and course registration flavors, I do not expect I would have such a fortune all the time.

    My opinion is the peer review for undergraduate/associate degrees is a terrible idea. It had been overoptimistic about those young folks who have not been whipped by society and real life. I may welcome to have this peer-review setting for graduate-level courses.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    University of the People is now a WASC's candidate.

    595 E. Colorado Boulevard. Suite 623
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    United States
    (626) 264-8880
    Staff Liaison:
    Stephanie Huie
    Student Achievement URL:
    Current Accreditation Status:
    Most Recent Commission Action:
    Friday, June 25, 2021
    Granted Candidacy:
    First Accredited:

    Undergraduate FTE:
    Graduate FTE:
    Financial Structure Type:
    No Related Entity
    Academic Calendar:
    Distributes Federal Financial Aid:
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    Does anyone have their ear to the ground in regards to if/when UoPeople would be accredited?
    I spent some time on the WASC website and it appears schools have been accredited after 1-2 years of being a candidate. UoP's first visit is scheduled for the Fall of 2022
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    I would be surprised if they're not, eventually, but these things take time and can be unpredictable. As ever, it is a gamble to enroll with a school on the hope that their accreditation status will change before one graduates.
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    I appreciate it, Steve. My work offers a $2,500 'bounty' for obtaining a MBA, whether it's nationally or regionally accredited.
    I don't have much use for the MBA, but at a net cost of $500, I'm thinking it could help the resume sometime down the road. Rolling the dice for the RA seems like a cherry on top.
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    Since HAU's MBA is already available at a bargain basement $3000, you could get an MBA for $500 net today:

    See here, the deal has been extended until November, I believe.

    Edit: Whoops, $3K, not 2500.
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    I would go with HAU before UoPeople for sure.
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    Thank you both. That's a no-brainer, they even have a phone number to offer support :)
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