New BS prgrams af FHSU

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  1. DaveHayden

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    Hi all

    I haven't seen these programs listed on FHSU's site or here before. I thought it might be important in someone's decision making process. Seems like they may have been reading our discussion about their programs from last year.
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  2. JurassicVagabond

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    That program (Organizational Leadership) is the program I am considering. I am also considering programs with COSC. :) I'm extremely impressed with the per credit hour charge of Fort Hays State University -- which is extremely reasonable. I am also amazed at another site I have located ( which is also from the state of Kansas and allows you to sign up for classes through their site. Charges are also very reasonable.

    I'm just wondering which my best option might be.

    Is there anything wrong with applying to both institutions and transferring my credits to them and seeing what happens from there -- then making a decision? I really hate to apply to both institutions knowing I'm basically going to stand one of them up -- because both have been extremely professional and helpful in answering my questions. I can already meet the Cognate Requirements and the Corporate emphasis of the Organizational Leadership degree at FHSU -- but ultimately, I have a feeling (from what I have read on the board) that I might be a bit more pleased with the handling of my transfer credits at COSC.


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