need recent info on straighterline college algebra

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  1. toast iguana

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    I've searched the board and only found old info. What are the hairy details with this course. Is every exam proctored or just the final? Can you use notes on tests, are they open book? Can you use a calculator on tests?
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    I took this course from straighterline in 2011. I completed the course in 4 days with a C. If you take your time, you can easily pass this course with an A. I needed it fast to graduate, so I spent hours up each night taking the exams. The exams were not proctored when I took the course. However, now the final exam is proctored. All the other exams are NOT. I believe you simply take the final exam via webcam recording. I am not sure what the rules are regarding calculators. I would recommend the course.
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    Have you taken any SL courses Toast Iguana?
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    Final exam: Proctoring done through ProctorU. Closed book. Only scratch paper allowed, one 5 minute break is allowed, scientific or graphing calculator allowed. Source

    Graded content: Four unproctored exams and one final proctored exam. Source
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