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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by joeljcastro, Jan 5, 2011.

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    New Mexico State Univ. degree completion programs in Business Administration (Non-resident students enrolling in 6 or less credit hours pay the NM Resident rate):

    BBA in General Business NMSU Distance Education

    BBA in Marketing NMSU Distance Education

    NMSU Tuition: $225 /credit hour + $25 per hour distance education fee = $250 per CH
  2. joeljcastro

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    Okay, so Excelsior got back to me:
    1.) I need 9 classes to complete a BS in General Business (2 Lower Division & 7 Business courses)
    2.) I need 4 classes to complete a BS in Liberal Studies (1 Lower Division - english compostion & Upper Division Depth courses)

    Should I go for the Liberal Studies degree or go for the Business?

    Any advice?
  3. joeljcastro

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    Just keep participating in threads, and eventually you will be out of the moderation queue. I don't know exactly what the post count is (it's a secret known only to moderators and administrators), but it eventually drops off, and your DI experience is must more pleasant.

    It's annoying, but it's a good thing, as it reduces spamming.
  5. Ian Anderson

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    I assume you need to earn either 12 or 27 units I assume (plus perhaps the one unit lit-info course). You could complete the 12 units very soon using combination courses and CLEP/DSST tests for a variety of subjects.

    Finding the business courses you need may take longer and cost more.

    Also depending on your experience you might be able to earn credit via portfolio.
  6. joeljcastro

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    test, test?
  7. muaranah

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    Ian, it's possible to test out of everything for a Gen Business BS at Excelsior except the Capstone. I'd recommend doing that instead of the BSLS.
  8. ryoder

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    Go for the BSBA. I am working on mine from TESC and I chose to do that based on some info I got from some forum members. Two months ago I was content with a BS LDAS learner designed area of study from TESC and then a BALS but when I realized how close I was to a BSBA CIS through testing options I just said the heck with it.
    So I started testing out of more classes and taking some from PennFoster and StraighterLine and ALEKS. Its been some work but I will be proud of the BSBA CIS since I work in the computer industry.

    You are so close just do the business degree. Its just my 2 cents.

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