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    Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    Chinese Universities might be considered RA equivalent so I don't see an issue here.

    Neither do I.

    However, it is interesting that NCU is outsourcing mentoring to China instead of the US, it is obvious that there are many American PhDs that would be happy to mentor at NCU but it seems that may be these mentors are a lot cheaper as they don't need to charge US dollars. We are seeing the outsourcing of education and this is an interesting issue.

    I didn't get that this is outsourcing. I just saw a page with a hundred or so faculty mentors, fewer then ten of whom had PhDs from Chinese universities. Nothin' to see here, move along....



    Can you cite some examples of RA programs that have been outsourced?

    Sure, AIU, Lawence Technological, CUNY, U. San Diego all have done so with their MBA program in Taipei. 100% legitimate ( both in terms of RA regulation as well as Taiwanese higher education law). No biggy.
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    If they are offering the program IN Taipai - why would you consider them outsourced?


    All those programs are operating through local agents/representatives. Nonetheless, ALL are fully comply with the RA regulations in terms of credits and faculty requirements (all Ph.Ds from first tier U.S. schools).
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    Are you sure you understand the meaning of "outsourced"?


    Operating through local agent might even better than the traditional outsourcing/DIY mode since you do not have deal with local regulations and the reward is guaranteed. Just my two cents from pesonal experience for over 10+ years in this industry.
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    While I can't say if you have 10+ years in this industry - or 6 months of experience repeated 20+ times - "outsourced" would mean that the schools in question have shut down their campus depts. and contracted out the work to another organization.

    A local campus extension to support a local area is in no way "outsourcing".


    Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Mohd Ali

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    RA University Extension Program

    So, the conclusion is what?

    RA University extension program conducted entirely offshore is equal in value from conducted in-campus.

    Using the service of local faculty members is acceptable as long as the faculty has RA equalvalent qualification.

    Using the local language to conduct the program is acceptable as long as the mentor is qualified.


    So long as the scholl is fully comply with the RA regulations/policies, whether its programs are on-compus or off-campus (including offshore), teach by American or non-American faculty, using English as the language of insstruction or not is not important.
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    I'm sure they are recognized by the Chinese ministry of education, but I have heard that the sell of fake diplomas with the names of real schools is still a big problem in China.

    Are these mentors teaching from China? I believe that the average salary of a Chinese tenured professor is the equivalent of $500 a month.
    The money you might make from teaching two courses per quarter at NCU can be enough to live comfortably in Beijing. Just a thought.
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    Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    Sure, so many things in mainland china are fake including "Ferrari"!

    It is said that the fake diplomas with names of real schools in China have two price levels:
    If you need a record in that school, it costs you around 5,000 RMB.
    If you need no record in that school, it will cost you 3,000 RMB.

    And, these fake diplomas could be use to apply for immigration to Canada! (just a hearsay.........)

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