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  1. anthonylau

    anthonylau New Member

    Some of the NCU's Faculty Mentors are found as follow:

    Jianjun Li Ph.D.
    Ph.D.-Finance RenMin University of China Master Investment Manager Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Bachelor Investment Economics Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

    Jung-Lin Zu Ph.D.
    Mathematics/Jiao Tong University and Strategic Management/Ph.D. also from Jiao Tong University

    Lian-Juan Wang Ph.D.
    Ph.D- Business Adminstration, Business School of RenMin, University of China M.S.-Economic School of Political Science & Intl, Beijing Normal University B.A.- Political Science, Liaocheng Normal University

    Peng Tian PhD
    PhD in Automatic Control, Northeastern University, Shenyang, PR China 1994 MS in Computers Engineering, Shenyang Polytechnical University, Shenyang, PR China 1984 BS in Electrical Engineering, Shenyang Polytechnical University, Shenyang, PR China 1982

    Ru-Xi Kao Ph.D.
    Ph.D./Industrial Economics from Fudan University; Master's/Industrial Economics from Fudan University, Mathematics Diploma from Fudan University.

    Xiaopeng Wu Ph.D.
    Ph.D.-Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences M.A.-Electrical Engineering, North China Electric Power University B.A.-Computer Science Engineering, North China Electric Power University.

    Yiming Hu PhD
    PhD in Accounting Xiamen University, Xiamen Fujian Province PR China MS in Chemistry, Xiamen University BS in Chemistry, Xiamen University

    Yu Ying PhD
    PhD of Business Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, PR China 1998 Master of Economics, Hunan University, Hunan PR China 1996 Bachelor of Engineering, Hunan University, Hunan, PR China

    Zheng Xingshan PhD
    PHD in Business Administration Shanghai Tiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R. China 2001 MS in Material Engineering Shanghai Tiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R. Ching 1994 BS in Engineering Shenyang Metallurgical Equipment College, Shenyang, P.R. China 1983

    All of the above NCU's Faculty Mentors have qualifications from P.R. China, but they can have an academic position in accredited university, like NCU.

    Is it mean that there is no need to have an accredited PhD to teach in an accredited university, or most of the PhD from P.R. China are accredited? :confused: :confused:
  2. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    I can't speak for the accreditation of the universities you mentioned, but NCU is not the only RA university in the U.S. that hires people with foreign doctorates.

    As an undergraduate, I had several professors with foreign doctorates. One of my calculus professors at Penn State had a PhD from China. He was an intense guy. He would chain smoke between classes and go mach speed during class. He would be on the third section of the chalkboard while the class was still copying the notes from the first section, but I digress. :D

    Ask NCU about the legitimacy of these degrees and keep us posted.
  3. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I expect the latter -- that doctorates from universities in China can be shown to be equivalant to regionally accredited ones in the U.S.

  4. anthonylau

    anthonylau New Member

    Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    It is a good news because we can study in a regionally accredited online university in China, which school fee should be cheaper than that of UniSA with DETC accredited only.
    (One US dollar is equal to around 8 China dollars) :D

    Do Steve or anyone know which university in China (having DL PhD in BA) is to be equivalant to regionally accredited ones in the U.S. ?

    Thanks a lot
  5. louisnguyen27

    louisnguyen27 New Member

    Re: Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    It is impossible, man, do you think DETC will learn Mandarin in order to conduct accreditation?
    And are you willing to spend 2 or 3 years to learn Mandarin then come back to China university for your PhD?:D ;)
  6. Kaboom

    Kaboom New Member

    Having international faculty members, is a good thing for NCU and their students. Many tier one and two universities have foreign faculty members.
  7. Mohd Ali

    Mohd Ali New Member

    I don't think PHD from any China university is equalvalent to RA degree in USA. You can submit to WES for credential evaluation to know if the PHD from China is equalvalent to RA. I was told that some Bachelor degree from foreign countries are evaluated to be only equalvalent to Associate degree in USA by WES.

    I also don't think that language is a problem for leraning. In fact it is only a medium of learning, the most important is the content. For your information Louisngyuen27, UniSA is delivering their MBA class in China, Taiwan and SIngapore entirely by Mandrin. The same goes to JCU of Australia etc, I was told that Herriot Watt also conduct their class in Mandrin in China. Of course the same goes to DETC university.
  8. louisnguyen27

    louisnguyen27 New Member

    Man, you must distinguish between the official language from the teaching language.
    For accreditation, I think universities and accreditors must have the same official language.
    For teaching, the teacher can use any kind of language, even Braille, body language... for the student understanding.
    These are why UniSA can and China Universities (except HKs) can not.
  9. Mohd Ali

    Mohd Ali New Member

    Don't always discreminate China universities, in fact China also has some famous universities like Beijing University, Tsing Hua, Shanghai University and their ranking in the world are far higher than UniSA. UniSA is a not top notch university in Australia.

    In China, there are quota system for the number of MBA degree that a famous university can offer per year and many students who had completed the MBA credit but not awarded the degree because of the quota control switch to foriegn universities to get their MBA including UniSA and USQ.

    So, which university has higher standard??

    MBA from Beijing University has a very high entrance requirement and the students have to pass a few rounds of examination. English is one of them.


    Two things about those Chinese NCU mentors:

    1. They were hired to teach NCU courses in China (all of them are reputable Chinese scholars in their fields). For the Americans those Chinese mentors are off-limit and NCU will not assign you to them.

    2. any Chinese universities accredited by the Higher Education Commission (the nation' higher education watch dog) is equivalent to the RAs. The proof is that thousands of Chinese students gruadated from aforesaid universities were accepted by RA graduate schools every year (more than 30,000 in 2005).
  11. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    I agreed not to have discriminations to degrees offered by China. In fact, as I know, PhDs from universities in China are much more preferred to PhDs from UniSA, if someone wish to teach at universities in HK and Singapore! In fact, University of South Australia is far away from ranking top universities in the world and has provided a too much commercialized image in Asian countries due to its international expansion strategy in recent years.
  12. louisnguyen27

    louisnguyen27 New Member

    I do not discriminate China University. What I mean is the word "ACCREDITATION" is different from "EQUIVALENCE".
    Please go in the correct way.
  13. anthonylau

    anthonylau New Member

    The main issue about NCU's Faculty Mentors is that if there is no need to have a RA PhD to teach in RA university, why we have to pay so high school fee for studying PhD courses in RA university like capella, walden, TUI, and even NCU?

    Is it a signal that we can also have teaching position in RA university by having PhD only from NA university like CPU, SCUPS, and AHU? Because, all CPU, SCUPS, AHU, universities from China, University of Iraq, and University of Afghanistan are NA.

    Also, the above NCU's faculty mentors from China are NOT from famous universities like Beijing University, Tsing Hua, and Shanghai University that our member Mohd Ali has provided.

    Thanks for discussion :p


    Lau, you are not hearing me. As i mentioned earlier, those Chinese NCU mentors are NOT teaching on the U.S. soil per se-those guys are hired to teach NCU courses in China-NO American students will be assigned under their supervison.

    On the other hand, if a person wants to get a "real" teaching job at a RA school, a RA terminal degree is a must. By the way, who told you that SCUPS is NA? Last time I heard they are still "non-accredited".
  15. anthonylau

    anthonylau New Member

    Thanks Paulwnliuesq for your infomation.

    However, it creates two problems!

    The frist is language of instruction. Is Chinese NCU mentors using English as language of instruction (via email) for Chinese students in mainland China, or just using Chinese language?

    Second, is there any different between the degree certificates for NCU graduates who are taught be American mentors and by Chinese mentors?

    The importance of these two problems; "empolyers may think that those Chinese people who graduated from NCU are "taught" by Chinese mentors having chinese academic background only!!!"


    The language of instruction is not an issue so long as the school is fully comply with the rules/regulations set by the accreditor in terms of degree requirements, etc. A Ph.D from RA school means everythings-regardless who are sitting on your dissertation committee (Americans or guys who can not speak English-so long as they are qualified).
  17. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    For employment, no it is not different. Universities hire professors with foreign RA-equivalent doctorates all the time. I can think of 4 tenured faculty members with non-US doctorates in our department alone.
  18. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Chinese Universities might be considered RA equivalent so I don't see an issue here. However, it is interesting that NCU is outsourcing mentoring to China instead of the US, it is obvious that there are many American PhDs that would be happy to mentor at NCU but it seems that may be these mentors are a lot cheaper as they don't need to charge US dollars.

    We are seeing the outsourcing of education and this is an interesting issue.
  19. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    Actually, it is a very common practice to outsource education programs, especially in distance learning education, to minimize the costs, since different countries imply different cost incurred. In economic term, there is a theory of comparative advantage for international trade that seems to be applicable here for education!
  20. jimnagrom

    jimnagrom New Member

    Re: Re: Re: NCU's Faculty Mentors

    Can you cite some examples of RA programs that have been outsourced?

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