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    I took Natural Sciences CLEP today, 14 December. It took me all of about 40 minutes to complete the test. There were 120 questions total. The breakdown in the CLEP Official Study Guide was pretty accurate. If you can take the General Biology CLEP also, there is a HUGE amount of overlap between the two and you would be well advised to study for them at the same time. Mitochondria came up in several questions, both its function and its "history". It seemed the exam I took was a bit more heavy on biology than physical science, but not to any great extent. Again, if you are studying for General Biology, then you'll only need to study for the physical science portion of this test. Electromagnetism, geology, gravity being points that stuck out strongly in my mind after the test due to having more than one question on them.

    All in all an easy exam if you are science minded, and probably easy if you aren't. As with all of the exams I've taken thus far, I won't get my score for about 8 weeks. Actually its 4-6 weeks from the end of the month in which I took the exam. That idiotic policy of non modern test centers! I'd be taking the computerized exams for a $15 fee in Richmond, but the center there is booked up into January and I want to have some of the tests in the chute already.

    This is exam number three for me.
    Information Systems and Computer Applications
    Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
    Natural Sciences
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    I got the Comex guide (Dated 2003) for General Natural Science Exam the other day. It is only about 120 pages. Does anyone know if this is enough to pass this exam? Thanks!
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    It will help but it's not enough. Get the REA book and the Standard Deviants video if you want to pass. Good Luck!!
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    Does instacert cover this exam? If yes, is it any good for this exam?
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    Here are the instantcert offerings-- just pasted from the page:

    CLEP Exams
    Composition and Literature

    English Composition [218 Questions] [6 Credits] (Helpful for Freshman College Composition!)

    Humanities [515 Questions] [6 Credits]

    History and Social Science

    American Government [295 Questions]
    Human Growth and Development [336 Questions]
    Introduction to Educational Psychology [371 Questions]
    Principles of MacroEconomics [328 Questions]
    Principles of MicroEconomics [229 Questions]
    Introductory Psychology [345 Questions]
    Introductory Sociology [157 Questions]
    Social Sciences and History [1,913 Questions]
    U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877 [355 Questions]
    U.S. History II: 1865 to the Present [520 Questions]
    Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 [445 Questions]
    Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present [373 Questions]

    Science and Mathematics

    Biology [878 Questions][6 Credits]
    College Mathematics [503 Questions][6 Credits]


    Information Systems and Computer Applications [293 Questions]
    Principles of Management [319 Questions]
    Principles of Accounting [444 Questions][6 Credits]
    Introductory Business Law [451 Questions]
    Principles of Marketing [315 Questions]

    DSST (Dantes) Exams
    Intro to World Religions [249 Questions]
    General Anthropology [256 Questions]
    Civil War & Reconstruction (Upper Level Credit) [318 Questions]
    Drug & Alcohol Abuse (Upper Level Credit) [261 Questions]
    Criminal Justice [250 Questions]
    Here's to Your Health [292 Questions]
    Principles of Finance [315 Questions]
    Principles of Supervision [281 Questions]
    Intro to Business [266 Questions]
    Foundations of Education [309 Questions]
    Environment and Humanity Race to Save the Planet [326 Questions]
    Organizational Behavior [350 Questions] [Use for Dantes or ECE! Click for details.]
    Management Information Systems [291 Questions]
    Intro to Modern Middle East [287 Questions]
    Principles of Statistics [238 Questions]
    Ethics in America [389 Questions]
    Introduction to Law Enforcement [288 Questions]
    Fundamentals of Counseling [261 Questions]
    Human Resource Management [300 Questions] [Use for Dantes or ECE! Click for details.]
    Money and Banking [273 Questions]
    Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union [313 Questions]

    Excelsior College Exams
    Psychology of Adulthood and Aging [399 Questions]
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