MWBTS PHD in Biblical Studies by non-residential format

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by PMBrooks, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. PMBrooks

    PMBrooks New Member

    Thought this might be of interest for those interested in a biblical studies program...

    "The proposed program will include concentrations in both New Testament and Old Testament, considered to be the institution’s strengths, and give students the flexibility to live off-campus. If accreditation is approved, the program is slated to be offered in fall 2007."
  2. TomICAVols

    TomICAVols New Member

    I wonder if this means they will have a distance program or if they'll simply wave the requirement that you must live within 50 miles of campus and log X number of hours in the seminary's library if you're in the Ph.D. program.
  3. PMBrooks

    PMBrooks New Member

    From what I hear through the grapevine, I believe this means that they will package the program into a means of short residentials where students will come for a couple of weeks a year. The format will be similar to a D.Min. program, just much more intensive.

    As I understand it, ATS has relaxed the residential requirements for doctoral degrees, and so many of the seminaries (at least Southern Baptist seminaries) are looking in to such programs.

    I could be wrong, but that is what I hear, for what its worth!

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