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    I think I'll stick to the NLN or CCNE approved programs with Regional Accreditation. One shouldn't face the licensing obstacles going to a reputable university.

    SUNY - Stony Brook University is CCNE and RA approved. They have a short residence first semester but after that didactic is online and then of course clinical experience of 800+ hours for Family nurse practitioner.

    They appear to be very reputable and I can't picture state boards of nursing opposing licensure! It is expensive for a non resident of New York about $30,000 but well respected!
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    Re: Re: Brilliant!

    Thanks for those links, but I couldn't figure out how to find the program at CQU. Their website is impossible to navigate. Can anybody help out? Univ of Melbourne, Unisa, and Teesside don't seem to offer doctorate nursing degrees. Could you post links to their degrees in case I didn't look in the right place?

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    MSN programs should be accredited by a nursing organization that is an approved accrediting agency by the Department of Education. There are 2 in nursing (one is NLN). I don't know anything about this particular program but its acceptance by the nursing community is of vital importance.
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    Re: Upon closer look.

    Most MSN programs offer a concentration. In that way, the student earns a MSN degree and are eligible to take a licensure exam to become certified. Concentrations in FNP allows one to work as a FNP. If the concentration is in education then that nurse cannot practice as a NP, but is able to teach or act as a clinical instructor. I also believe that the licensing process is different depending on the concentration although I haven't reached that step as of yet. I'll worry about it once I graduate with my FNP degree. :D
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    To practice advanced nursing most states require a MSN or graduate certificate from a NLN or CCNE approved program. In addition, many states are requiring the nurse practitioner certification exam available from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

    Indiana is the only state I could find that might allow one to practice Advanced practice nursing as a graduate from Aspen. The reason is, that they don't have a license for advanced practice nursing but if you want to have prescriptive authority you have to have a physician sponsor you. In addition, a graduate course in clinical pharmacology is a must!! Aspen does not offer the clinical pharmacology course in their concentration.

    I think one might be better served by their MSN nursing administration degree. At least it is nationally accredited (DETC).
    I am not convinced that nursing circles or health care circles would look down on this degree because it doesn't have NLN or CCNE approval.

    However, the MSN with FNP concentration from a non approved NLN or CCNE curriculum can only lead to major obstacles in practicing as an APRN.
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    Re: Re: Re: Brilliant!

    Melbourne is at but there seems to be a fairly hefty residence requirement.

    Teeside offers a DProf but there's no indication of whether the course can be done completely by DL.

    UNISA lists a DLitt et Phil as being available here

    CQU's information (such as it is) can be found here

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    Thank you! That certainly cleared things up for me.

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