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    I posted this question on a while ago, but I didn't get any responses from anyone with direct experience.

    Capella started offering (and substantially advertising) MS programs that offer credit for holders of certain technical certifications. I would be eligable for the maximum, which is 20 out of 48 total credits required for a MS of IT, specializing in network architecture and design. I would basically be credited for all the most highly technical classes.

    This is huge for somebody like me. Not only is it more closely related to the work I do than any program I've seen, but it gives credit for knowledge that I've already proven I posess, via CCNP and CCDP certifications. My main concerns are:

    1. I think this program is pretty new, so I can't talk to graduates.

    2. My knowledge in this industry is substantial, and probably is worthy of adding up to a master's degree. Nevertheless, it seems to me they might be pandering to people just like me, and I'll end up with a degree that is kind of a one-off, not really like any other university's, that a potential employer might not know what to make of.

    3. The degree is so technology related, I'm afraid it will lose relevance quickly. The certifications I have that give me credit for the classes has to be renewed every three years because of rapid change in technology. Obviously degrees are not like this.

    4. It's not exactly cheap, even though I only have to take 7 classes.

    Any insight would be appreciated. Any insiders to the program might give me some info about what exactly is the mission of this degree program? Like what is it supposed to prepare me for exactly. If anyone wants to look at capella's web page about this program, here it is.
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    It looks like you will have a good head start in the program which would make it a good choice. Yes, technology will change but the degree get you focused in your field and it is up to you to stay abreast in the field through continuing education. Essentially, continuing education and job experience extends the usefulness of your degree.

    -- A Capella IT faculty member
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    I also am looking at a Capella MS in IT. I will say I am planning to do it. Every time I have called my contact person she has been available, she does email me to ask how things are going (1 test until I have the BS), and some other schooling I currently am taking.

    I also would qualify via the CCNP cert to waive 5 classes. I am debating whether or not to take all 12 and get a double masters specialization (network architecture and maybe project management) or just finish 7 and be done. In my job and many others a masters is needed to play in the big leagues, no matter what your technical skill sets are. In many ways, a master's will help validate the really bigtime certs like CCNP and CISSP, which I already hold.

    Everything I have seen so far has been very positive, and I hope to start in July. Hope this helps!!
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    You may want to also look at Capitol College Their MS in Information Architecture and Network security are very applicaple to todays IT field.
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    There are additional alternatives to the completion of your MS degree:

    MS in Computer Information Systems (30 credits) is available at Florida Institute of Technology. Cost: $350/ credit

    There are many others with no residency (Syracuse, Oregon, Strayer), but are either expensive (over $400/credit) or high credit-hour requirements (up to 54 credit hours).
  6. I think the Fort Hays MLS in CIS program may allow credit for CCNP.
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