MS in Mental Health Counseling from Walden - Confused

Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by miscmags, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. miscmags

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    A bit confused. I can't tell if I have a handle on schools or if I've just been looking for too long and would like to think I have a handle a schools. Is Walden University considered a reputable school? It seems to accredited in every proper way possible - even CACREP for Mental Health Counseling. I've read it's the most well known online school and the most well founded - it also doesn't seem to have been under any sorts of crazy investigations like Kaplan or Phoenix.

    As for the MS in Mental Health Counseling specifically - has anyone pursued this program? I had found a forum where graduates from it were talking about it but can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know their percentage of employment upon graduation? How well the program prepared them to work as a counselor?

    The school sounds great - except for the for-profit part but as far as I'm concerned most schools are for-profit now anyway. The program also sounds really great and like it prepares a student for licensure in any states since it's CACREP approved. Just looking for other opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc.
  2. graymatter

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    I have worked with 2 therapists who did this degree and both were satisfied.
  3. miscmags

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    How long ago did they both graduate? If you know that, of course. Also, what type of facility were they working in? I'm curious as to how respected a degree from Walden is. I've heard that the program you do doesn't matter a whole lot once you have state licensure.
  4. LGFlood

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    Technically, this is true. Most 60 CH programs will prepare you for the LPC exam. However, in most states, passing the LPC exam is the first step to gaining state licensure. Then there is generally 3000 supervised hours (2 years) before receiving the LPC designation.
  5. graymatter

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    Within the last 5 years or so. A community mental health center.
  6. mattiberry85

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    The program will MOST likely prepare you for licensure in every state. I have heard of states that will not license an individual from an online program. My program (Lindsey Wilson College) is CACREP accredited, and in reality, it doesn't mean all too much once you graduate. During my masters (in MHC) we had 5 students leave at the same time and 3 started at Walden and 2 started at Capella. I have seen many clinicians that have went to Walden.

    If you need to complete your program online, I wouldn't be too "torn up" on completing it through Walden. Just be sure that you check your states requirement for internship as most states are different.

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