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  1. falconflier

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    I am trying to determine what might be the best approach to transition over into the accounting/financial services field.

    I currently have a BS in Business but I am looking at a career change. I would like to focus on accounting and work for a firm that specializes in financial planning as well.

    My plan is to site for the CPA and then also sit for the CFP later. I have looked at the requirements for my state regarding sitting for CPA (I meet all the general ed requirements, just lacking the accounting specific courses, I have completed ACC 1 & 2 in college as well as macro, micro, etc). I already understand the requirements to sit for the CFP as well.

    My confusion lies as to what might be the best option for getting to that point, ie, getting hired in the accounting field. Am I better off doing the MSAcc or would a certificate suffice?

    Because of my current job, I would need to complete this online.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. muaranah

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    Sounds like you want to be a tax accountant, is that correct? If so, you do not need the CFP.
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  3. muaranah

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    Wanted to add this, but thought of it too late, so here goes:

    The CPA trumps any MAcc, so meeting the educational requirements to take the CPA exams should be your priority. Some states may not recognize accounting credits earned via distance learning. I'd go with LSU Independent Study for the accounting courses you need, and you probably already have the general business courses you need from your BSBA. That said, talk to the firms you are planning on targeting and ask them what they are looking for in prospective hires.
  4. tiffer

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    LSU and UCLA both have certificate programs that are reputable, if they meet the CPA requirements in your state. The main reason to get an MACC over a certificate when you are transitioning from another field (from what I have seen), is to get access to public accounting recruiters more easily and to make up for a bad undergrad GPA. This is only important if you are trying for a big 4 company or a large regional public accounting firm. If you're looking at getting a CFP I would guess that you don't want to go into public, in which case a certificate and CPA would most likely be your best bet.
  5. falconflier

    falconflier New Member

    Much thanks. The replies have definitely cleared things up for me. I am definitely not looking to go to a big 4 or a large public firm for that matter. Thanks again.

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