Move over Harvard and Yale: Harvey Mudd Grads Getting the Biggest Paycheck.

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  1. SurfDoctor

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    According to Harvey Mudd College grads earn more than Harvard grads. I understand that it's part of the Claremont Colleges system here in CA, but I don't know much more about it. Here's a paste of part of an article:

    According to a report released Thursday from salary-tracker, petroleum engineering majors and graduates of Harvey Mudd College are taking home the biggest paychecks. While mid-career salaries fell 1.5% overall between 2009 and 2010, engineers, scientists and mathematicians continued to rake in the big bucks, as well as students who graduated from Ivy League schools.
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    Harvey Mudd (you have to love the name) is all about science and engineering. It only awards bachelors degrees, doesn't have doctoral programs and isn't a research powerhouse, so it's not quite as famous as Throop University down the road there in Pasadena. But it's similarly selective, a place where everybody was the best in their high-school class and boasts freakish 1500ish SATs.

    They seem to do ok.
  3. Premiere

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    Harvard and Yale graduate a lot of arts majors and Harvey Mudd specializes in math, science, and engineering.
  4. tomball

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    Cal tech

    CAL TECH IN PASADENA was up in the list - a best bet in my book!

  5. SurfDoctor

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    Of course! It's hard to beat Cal Tech for name recognition, too. Not being an engineer, I have of course heard of Cal Tech, but Harvey Mudd was new to me.
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