Most successful college dropouts

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by JimLane, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. JimLane

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    almost doesn't seem fair does it? lol

    i guess it shows that if you have the desire to succeed nothing will stop you.
  3. edowave

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    I don't know everyone on this list, but I would not call them "dropouts" since that implies they failed out. These people decided to something else than spend their time in a classroom.
  4. JimLane

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    Since when has "dropped out" meant "failed?"

    Whatta crock.

    A lot of people dropped out of college - to support families, to fight for the US and a host of other things that have absolutely ZERO to do with failure - including starting a business.
  5. Glor1295

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    I have found that they are interchangeable for most people. I left college to help out with the military effort but I kept up with my studies the entire time. Still, every time I see old college friends they ask me if I'm going to "go back" to school. I just smile and say "we'll see."

    As a side note, I prefer Cracked's take on Bill Gates.

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